Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Soda Stream winner!

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered the SodaStream giveaway! I love this product and am so thrilled that they have been so generous in allowing me to do this. So, let's do this!!

It is time to officially announce the winner!! Thanks to the for randomly generating... #11!!

Junghwa is the winner with the following comment:

Stay tuned for MORE giveaways coming up this week, I have some great surprises in store!

Happy trails!

Vacation running and Shoe wear

Good Morning! I wanted to share some fun pics from a run I went on while on vacation! I snapped this photo at the University! I love it because of all the bikes and because even the graffiti was thought provoking!

While there, I confirmed what I thought after my half marathon-my shoes are worn out!!

I usually buy new running shoes about once a year. There are a few standard ways to gauge when you should get new shoes, but these are of course relative to the type and style of shoe you're in, how you use it & what your body needs from it.

On average a person would replace their shoes:

Every 300-500 miles
Every 6 months and of course
When you experience discomfort or pain.

These will vary with the brand, style and quality of shoe!

Quality: I have noticed that the last pair I bought, a cool and clearanced 60 dollars from a department store lasted me about 5 months. Usually I can go 8-12 on a pair that I purchase at my local running shop with the help of sales people who look at my former shoe wear and my gait.

These were the same shoes I used for my half marathon and when on my run in Germany. With all the hills of Tubingen It didn't take long till I could tell they were pretty done in!

Timothy asked if I wanted to start with the stairs. Gulp!

Oh my aching knees-- this was the only flat part of the whole city!

Brand: There can be a difference between brands also. My last 2 pair which were the same brand, both caused me to feel discomfort and even pain in my knees much earlier than my shoes three pair back, a brand that I had been loyal to for a while.

How you wear them: I overpronate a lot which is where my feet and ankles tip outward. I tend to wear shoes very hard in the heels as well. If I don't wear shoes that are built for stability or with strong arch support, they wear harder and wear out sooner, landing me in a world of pain.

How you train in them: When I run my 5 miles around the lake for fitness and fun, I am not as hard on my shoes as when I am really racking up the miles for training purposes. Those of you who are training for marathons, halfs or even aim for a high milage per week may also know your shoes need replacing faster!

One way to switch it up for your shoes and your body is to run in a few pairs and switch them out. I haven't done this, but know some people who have, especially if you are trying a very new kind of shoe like Nike Free or the Vibrams. Ideally the shoes will experience less wear.

Yay! Back from the run in Germany, what a workout!

Do you switch out your shoes?
How often do you replace running shoes?

Here is a great key on finding out your foot type and what kind of shoe you should get to best support it! Thanks to Runners World!

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