Thursday, December 10, 2009

Body 3 weeks behind

I was recently talking with someone about my body and how usually when I am doing something like snacking too much or slacking on my runs & workouts, my body maintains it's size, shape and even strength for about 3 weeks. But after 3 weeks, that is when the effects of my slacking start to rear their ugly head.

Do you experience this lag time?

I experience this at 2 particular times: 1) When I have succeeded at weight-loss and was focused on maintaining and 2) during the holidays where there is much wonderful food to be had. I always use this lag time to play some kind of game with myself.

Oh I can have a second cookie--it won't REALLY even show up for 2-3 weeks and I will just do it this ONCE. Besides, I'll go for a run.

Well, once turns into three times, all the while telling myself that I have time to remedy this bit of bad eating till it shows up on my hips or belly or scale. And If I don't get on that treadmill or hit that body pump class...the news is even worse.

The mystery lag time really does hold these negative effects at bay and if I am smart, I would quit while I am ahead (really, one cookie does not a jean size break). But the lag time plays tricks on my mind! I think I have time to splurge and then fix it and by the time the jeans are a little tight or the shirt is a little snug, I haven't just indulged a few times. I used this mystery three weeks as a free for all. I know, I am being over dramatic, but that is because I fall for it every time.

The key is just moderation.

Eating and enjoying good food of all kinds in moderation and making sure to be active in moderation as well. I hate the idea of having to do a workout or go for a run, simply because I had too much dessert.

I love working out, I love running and I don't want it to turn into some kind of punishment for over eating or a way to balance out all the bad that I can't get under control!

With the holiday season in full swing, I want to focus on that moderation and not fall for three weeks of doing what I want before waking up to that uh-oh moment. I want to embrace the moderation of eating and activity together to make it the best season I can!

To do that I want to:

  • continue to incorporate things like biking and yoga with my runs!
  • be sure that I GO on my runs despite winter in full swing
  • to limit my treats so that I am not indluging daily, but only one or two special times during the week and only on things I really enjoy!

Do you have a plan to keep your moderation in check and not play games with yourself about your eating over the holidays?

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