Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday night fun--haircut & movie!

Friday night fun!

I was SO happy tonight to go and get my hair trimmed! I am growing it out and it is longer than it has been since I was a kid:

long hair and jumping around at Christmas!!

This was my hair on Wednesday night when I was bored and messing around with my camera, can you see the split ends? Don't look TOO close, it was declared a hair emergency:

Tonight when I went to get it cut, I was surprised to hear the woman say she thought I should take 2 inches off!! I knew the ends were scraggly, but TWO INCHES?? I compromised at an inch and a half. It wasn't that bad when she was done. Yes, it is shorter, but it looks better and is healthier too.

I wish I would have done a better job trimming it every 2-3 months like you are supposed to do to assure it's heath. Then I wouldn't feel like an inch and a half was such a drastic change.

Do you ever put off doing what you know you should? Maybe you think you will get ahead or can take a shortcut?

Do you have trouble being patient and waiting for things that you want
and you want RIGHT NOW?

ME too.

Well, I am off to get mexican food and watch a movie with my friend Jenna (she did my blog logo!! ) Have a happy Friday everyone & a fit weekend!

Fit this Girl gift list!

Looking for gifts for the fitness and health lovers in your life?
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Co-op Membership:
My co-op membership is one of the most valuable things I have! I am able to get wonderful, local, organic eats at a discount, support my community and when I move, I get my membership fee back, so I can become a member at a new co-op. It was a gift from my brother and DID come with this sweet tote. It is something I use a few times a week...easy. Looking for a co-op near you? Try checking here , and happy shopping!

Chi Running:
With all the running tips and tricks out there we want to be sure we can weed out the fads. Chi Running is a great method for improving our running form. It can help runners at any level and helps your whole body stay injury free and healthy as you run! For those serious runners in your life, there are journals, running logs and other items here at the Chi running website.

Road Id:
Regardless of your sport: if you are out on trails, on the road or just looking for a way to insure your safety when you are out and about, the Road Id is a great idea. Your basic model will run you about $20.00 and you can personalize it with allergies, medical conditions or a motivational quote. It's a smart thing to wear while your out!

Sweaters, shirts, scarves, socks, pants, gloves. You name it, Smartwool makes it and they do it best. For warmth, durability and comfort, I think Smartwool gear is the top. I love all the pieces I have and can tell that is of the highest quality. It has been proven that it can stand the cold and rain at least where I live and helps me perform better because of it! For more information visit

Fitness magazine:
I love all that Fitness Magazine has to offer. They are relevant, fun and have lots of great ideas on new workouts and trends, plus the latest scoop on cool gear and gadgets for your favorite fitness! Who doesn't love getting a gift that comes every month anyway! Treat the fitness fanatic in your life to a subscription!

Vibram Five Fingers:
These shoes aren't just for Runners. There are versions for climbers, walkers, yogi's and gym fitness lovers. Whether your running, bouldering or indoors doing pilates, the vibram's simulate the natural feeling and movement of being barefoot. This can decrease injury, increase muscle development & use in your legs and more intimately connect you to your sport. For more information on barefoot sport and to check out the Vibram styles, visit their website here.
Happy Holiday Shopping from Fit this, Girl!

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