Monday, December 14, 2009

Misto giveaway!!

Remember the MISTO olive oil sprayer that I used in my Indonesian Salad recipe? Well, I use it for EVERYTHING really. Olive oil is so good for us and has a ton of health benefits:
It contains vitamins like A, E & K
It is a natural antioxidant!
It can lower your bad cholesterol
It can increase your heart health &
It can decrease your odds of Alzheimer's and high blood pressure!

Spray it on salads, on pans before you cook and bake, spray it on your toast instead of butter (who am I kidding, my toast is merely a vessel FOR the butter), coat your veggies before roasting them! Using olive oil is the BEST way to cook and the best way to use olive oil is in the MISTO!

It's a spray bottle where you add your own olive oil, pump and then spray out a light coating of oil for whatever you need! It is a great way to keep it light and coat your food evenly all while being conscious of your health! My mom bought me mine and I loved it so much, I tracked down the makers and asked them if they would do a holiday giveaway!!

They said YES, so the wonderful people over at Lifetime Brands & Pfaltzgraff Inc., the makers of MISTO, are offering to give away FIVE misto's to five lucky readers!!

JUST in time for your holiday cooking, here is how you can win a MISTO!

Required entries:
1) Leave a comment below telling me what you would use the MISTO to cook/prepare
2) Become a follower of the blog and let me know OR let me know you already follow!

Additional entries:
3) Link this contest back to your blog and leave a comment
4) Tweet about this contest using @fitthisgirl and leave a comment letting me know. One tweet per day will count as a comment and I will track the tweets!

That is 4 chances to enter and remember there will be FIVE winners!! BUT it is a quick giveaway, ending this Thursday December 17th.

This contest is open to those in the continentail US only. The Winner will be selected by Comment number using an amazing random generating number machine and the giveaway is open until Thursday, December 17th at 7pm Central time!!

With a capital T

Alright, so I am officially in some trouble with a capital T. I have used numerous things as an excuse not to go and run, let alone do a hard workout since I have been back from vacation and that is officially two weeks today (weather, holiday events, etc!). LIES all of them! I let a little break go too long.

I walk or bus most everywhere I go, so I do get some walking in during the day and maybe once a week, walk with a co-worker. Still the level of fitness I am comfortable with and want to be at is training for a race like my half marathon.

The top thing for me is that about a month and a half ago, I put my gym membership on hold.
Sigh. I only did that for 2 months and that was to just save a bit of cash for December and January, but I am without the gym till January 15th.

It was a good thing in the long run because now I know that I CAN put it on hold without having to lose my locker or repay any kind of fee to start it back up. I can hold it for up to 6 months at a time and shorten that whenever I want.

I have also learned that the time to put the membership on hold is May, June and July when I am constantly outside running and playing and NOT December and January where we get our first snowfalls and temps are hovering in the single digits. I was not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree this year :) But at this point, I only have one month where I need to make up for it.

SO, I am going to the gym at my alma mater which is only about a 15 minute drive from my place. I have a friend who goes and uses their workout facilities that I can bum a ride with. Using their gym and track is free with my Alumni card, so that is a great way to save money, I just should have done it during a different time of year!

I did do ONE fun run the week after I got home from vacation and that was the Santa Run which is a 1.25 mile run down the pedestrian mall in downtown Minneapolis to help benefit people who can not afford legal services in the community. It was awesome. And there were dreidels running!!


Minnesota Rollergirls at the Santa run Start!

My beard was a little nasty even from the package, so I ran sans santa face!

Because I am learning that in the cold months without a goal, a race on the horizon or something to work toward, I struggle with motivation, I am signing up for the Polar Dash which is a 5 & 10 K race on January 1st.

I get this sweet finishing medal!

I will do the 10 K because it is a nice distance for me and I think I can be ready in 2 weeks, I haven't lost my Umph entirely. More to come on some other upcoming goals and thoughts on success and motivation. Those feel like some topics that are pretty important to me lately...
but yet sometimes I feel like I get in my own WAY!

Do you ever feel like you get in your own way or in the way of your success?
How do you pull yourself out of a funk?

Thanks for listening to my confessions!!

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