Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pulling myself up by the winter bootstraps

Well, I did it, I pulled myself up by the winter boot straps and went for a cold run! For some reason, as I mentioned yesterday in my post it's been really hard for me this year, especially coming back from vacation, to run as much as I usually do.

It could be lack of motivation.
It could be the cold.
It could be that it gets dark so early.
It could be the holiday bustle or
my gym membership on hold.

It could just be life.

I am chalking it up to the ebb and flow of this little "season in my life". I have some pretty big goals and idea's on my plate and am processing a lot! I completed a big goal of finishing my half marathon which was my longest distance ever and think that after something like that there is a natural rest period! My natural rest period was just followed by vacay and coming home to weather like last night:

I love running and have since I was a kid. I ran all though high school, college and into my adult life. It is not something that I will easily abandon nor is it something that I will lose my passion and ability for if the ebb and flow of life take me in a different place for a while. I won't beat myself up about it, but just re-lace up those shoes and put one foot in front of the other. In weather like last night, it was one FAST foot in front of the other. I even had icicles on my eyelashes!

Yours truly back in the saddle!

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