Thursday, December 17, 2009

Giveaway ends today!

Don't forget everyone that the MISTO giveaway here, ends tonight at 7pm central time so leave a comment for your chance to win one of the FIVE that I have to giveaway!!

Thanks again to the wonderful people over at Lifetime Brands & Pfaltzgraff Inc., the makers of MISTO, including Lisa who is super excited about the giveaway!

By the way, when I said in my last post that I was a little old school nativity and a little disco noel, I meant literally! I have this LP and break it out every Christmas. Enjoy!

The bowl of cherriest!

I have done a bit of Christmas decorating at my place!! I LOVE this season and I usually get really into it! This year I have not done any baking, but I have a week left to get crazy in the kitchen. Tomorrow night my friend Ryan an I are having what was, once upon a time, our annual holiday bash. Pretty dress up pics will certainly be posted. :)

For now, here are some fun things in my apartment that are doling out the Christmas cheer:

Christmas Pyramid from Austria!

He's my little incense smoker!

Two new ornaments from Germany. These will go on my full size tree when it goes up in the next few days!!

Last year I got a yarn church which is a music box and plays Silent Night and a gingerbread house. They are so funky and weird, I cherish them! Someone's Grandma had some talent!!

OH! Bing, Ella and Dean showed up too. It was a swinging night!

My old school Nativity set that I got last year for $6.00 at a thrift store! I need some snow or grass or something. And I am a little bummed that all the people are white, but oh well.

I am a little old school and a little "Disco Noel" too!
Check out my disco wreath!

Trying to show Fitzy some love under the mistletoe. He will have none of it. This time of year makes him bell crazy. If it jingles, rings, tings anything...he is focused on that-- a one track cat!

PLUS to keep me fueled while I decorate and warm, Over the Moon Milk send me a beautiful mug and some Plush Puffs, gourmet vanilla-bean marshmallows to make hot chocolate! Thanks guys, I am putting BOTH to good use!!

Do you guys have a specific day you decorate or trim your tree?
Do you leave it up for a long time after Christmas is over?

As June Christy would say: To the beats and the debonariest,
greetings like the merriest!

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