Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Running

If you're following me on Twitter then you may have already seen my tweets about my new winter running mask!! I actually have a dark blue one, but thought this pink one would be a little less creepy. I may be mistaken-- it's like a giant serial killer band-aid on my face.

EITHER way, it's going to be a wonderful addition to my winter running gear that I use and love here in Minnesota!

The key to dressing warm for winter runs?

1) Layering: stay dry
Trap the heat
block the elements

2) The 20 degree rule and

3) minding the Wind Chill

1) Start by layering with something comfortable, fitted and that will keep you dry. Smart wool makes great, lightweight pullovers that go right next to your skin to help keep you dry and warm.

Any kind of wicking shirts that pull moisture away from your body, will do the same thing. If you get wet (sweat, rain, snow etc) and stay wet, you will be cold and stay cold.

I love this style shirt especially because it has the half zip in the front and is stretchy so it moves with me!

Your second layer should be something that traps heat from your body. It should be breathable so it also releases some heat that way you don't get too warm. I have a Nike shirt that is thick and warm, and just right for this! Everyone is different and has different internal gauges, so finding the right fit for you may take some trial and error test runs!


Next is to block the wind, the rain and the snow. Whatever the elements you have to run in, the more you keep them off you and from getting through to your first two layers-- the better!

I have 2 warmer, winter running jackets that I use as my outer layers, both are polyester and durable! Plus they have pockets to hide things!

They are a brand called Denali and I really like them!

2) The 20 Degree Rule:
You want to dress 20 degree's warmer than the current temperature outside. You may be chilly when you start, but after a few minutes when you warm up, that 20 degree difference will make up for the body heat you will be generating!!

Sweet velcro sleeves help keep the wind out!

Don't forget to rock the hat and hood!

3) Wind Chill: When wind chill's plummet you need to be careful that you are safe to be outside for any given amount of time! You can easily damage your skin, loose body heat or get frostbite if you are out without proper gear in the subzero weather.

Wind significantly decreases body temperature so keep that in mind as you dress. Also, if your doing a low intensity workout your core temp will not stay as high and could prove unsafe.

Protect your face and skin with a mask, ski mask or scarf and moisturize before and after you are out.

If it is dangerously cold...stay in, do a rainy day workout!

Don't forget your feet!! Wear warm socks and shoes that have great traction for running on ice or slippery surfaces! Check out my post on my Montrail running shoes here.

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