Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday time!

I had a holiday party last night! It was Winter Party in the woods 2009 hosted by my friend Ryan (below) and it was a blast!!

There was food, games and people dressed up! We also had ornament painting in the basement and that was a HIT. Everyone had a ton of fun painting and using glitter glue on their creations!

ryan and the spread

blackberry almond & chocolate cluster

my friend Wendall made these from scratch. droooolll.....

Merry Christmas!

My ornament. I was not an art major!

My friend Jenna!

I made Caitlin's sweet potato & black bean balls. They were great and a hit!

I brought wasabi horseradish & stone ground mustard to dip them in.

my six pack!

girl friends!!

guy friends!!

What holiday parties have you gone to this year? Traditions you stick to?
Happy Christmas!
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