Monday, December 21, 2009

Goals and Lessons

I have been thinking about some new goals for 2010!

I always want to learn & try new things in life and in fitness, so I decided to tackle a few big things in 2010. They will be a challenge for me, but that I am ready to take on and ready to face them!

First: A triathlon & swim lessons

I am NOT a strong swimmer, but am willing to challenge myself and even face some fears that have been underlying in my life since I was a kid. I could probably swim to save my life and have always loved diving and can easily swim around a pool for fun.

The problem: I am afraid of deep and dark water. I have a hard time putting my face in the water. I also can not get the breathing rhythm of the front crawl down and end up with a mouth full of water, standing up half the time. Despite these, I signed up for my first Tri in an attempt to finally be free of some of these fears and improve a skill that I think is very important. SO, I am signing up for swimming lessons also! I already registered for the Tri so I will be forced to take swim lessons if I don't want to turn around and cry like a baby on race day. That is motivation.

The St. Paul Triathlon:
August 22 , 2010
Sprint Course - 1/2 Mile Swim • 20K Bike • 5K Run

I am SURE I don't know what I am in for.

Second: Mileage Goal

I have never been one to think about milage for a week or even a month as a goal. I didn't even really track milage or runs until using Daily Mile this past year. In light of some races that I already have on the schedule and the training I know I will need, I will try and hit 900 miles for 2010. That is just about 17 miles a week. I know some weeks will be shorter and some longer, I can't anticipate if there will be little to no milage weeks (eek!). But that also leaves room for cross training.

It's not something that I am going to stick hard and fast to, but just a number out there that I can visit now and again and evaluate my progress & run towards! I don't want to burn out or run out of gas, so If I don't hit the mark I am not going to worry about it. After all, numbers are just numbers and they don't define us!

Third: Language Goal

I am signing up to take some language courses. After a great trip to Germany this fall, I am reignited with a desire to learn the language (again). I had 2 years of it in high school and remember very little. I basically can ask for coffee and butter pretzels. I was reminded by a friend that is all I need to do-get coffee and food!

Still, I think that it would be a good skill to have and something that I will value when I go back. :) And anyway, I know a few people that I can speak it and I can practice with them. It's a GOOD thing to learn new skills and be challenging yourself and I am well on my way.

When do YOU start planning your goals for the next year?
How do you challenge yourself?

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