Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The 12 Days of Training: Polar Dash

Sometimes I think the blog world is on the same cycle of some kind! Yesterday as I was crafting my short 2 week training schedule out of an 8 week one (for my Polar Dash 10K) I came across a great post on training schedules over at Chic Runner. She tackles the topic of creating a training plan that works for you--just exactly what I did this week!

I had to smish 8 weeks or so of training into (almost) two. Granted, I wasn't starting from scratch as I can get out and run 5 miles easy enough, but need some brush up and polish on my speed etc. I am working off the 5th and 6th weeks of Hal Higdon's 10K training program:

Week one
5 miles
45 min tempo
4 x 800
3 miles pace
6 miles

Week two
3 miles and strength
8 x 400 race pace
2 miles

This is a solid plan for me to be able to perform well at the race. I am not shooting for a PR or anything, just to do well and FEEL good doing it!! Welcome in the new year with a race under my belt, not a night of regret!!

The first week is a bit intense, but I have always had the ability to snap back into distance in my running easily. It is the speed that I am going to be focusing on as I come around the corner from this race into the ones I have lined up for 2010. I will be signing up for a few other half marathons and want to make sure that I can meet or beat my already sub 2 half!

I am really excited for The Polar Dash 10K on New Years day!
Better to be pounding the pavement than to have a pounding headache!

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