Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fact vs. Truth

Feeling like you need a boost?
Me too, I have had a funny start to the holidays!

Maybe there are things in your life weighing heavy on you right now. It's the holiday season, joyful, stressful for many and a time to look at what is important in life. Do a little experiment with me and take something that is a hard fact in your life right now, and speak a truth about it that you can use to turn your thinking about the situation:

Fact: I don't have much money.
TRUTH: I have enough money for today!

Fact: I don't have some luxuries that others do.
TRUTH: I have what I need and I can be happy with that!

Fact: I am having problems in my life and relationships.
TRUTH: Many people with even worse problems have come through, I WILL too!

Fact: I don't know where to start.
TRUTH: Pick one thing and do that. Then pic a second. The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step!

Fact: I haven't made very good choices about my body, health and food.
TRUTH: I can change TODAY, I have the knowledge and ability to make GOOD choices.

Fact: I feel like I am alone on my journey.
TRUTH: Call that friend, that father, that old roomie you miss. There are always people you can turn to who will be willing to listen and talk! Just ask them, you may be surprised. Can't ask them? Talk to me...

Chin up--when the facts seem overwhelming, speak your own truth
and take charge of how you think!!

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