Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fit This Food Blogger Week

I realized the yesterday that If I had to be a food blogger RIGHT NOW with how I have been eating, that it would be DOWN RIGHT shameful. For example:

Here is what I had for breakfast--Yum!:

Then about 10:30 I had a mid morning snack:

And a refill before lunch:

UGh. Hmm... where's the FOOD?
(this is a BIT of an exaggeration, but not too far off)

Ok, so it is confession time, I have been doing REALLY bad with eating breakfast which stinks because it is THE most important meal of the day, and has in the past been my largest and the one containing my highest protein of the whole day!

I am going to digress here and talk about how my eating habits can be affected by circumstances in my life. I have blogged about how I have in the past and still to an extent use food. I think it can be a natural response to stress and excitement, we use it to celebrate and as fuel. Usually when I am stressed out or sad, I overeat and use food for comfort.

This holiday season, I am finding myself with a bit of a loss of appetite. I am sure that it will pass (I LOVE food too much for it not to) and I think I can pinpoint a personal reason for the change (there is some excitement in my neck of the woods!). In turn, I am having to be very deliberate with making good food choices and eating as much as I should especially with my running and a race coming up.

I admire food bloggers and think that keeping a visual journal of their meals is a WONDERFUL way to keep accountable for eating healthy and staying on track. That is why I am going to give it a shot for a week and keep a visual food diary and post it here!! Fit This Food Blogger week will run from Monday December 28th to Monday January 4th!!

Check back everyday to see what it is I snapped pics of and I promise to post them all even if they are huge embarrassing failures. This will be a great experiment to welcome in the new year and to see if I go overboard on New Years Eve!

Also, I have that week off of work, so it will help me get into the habit of eating happily 5-6 small meals a day before having to add work back in as a factor. It can be a challenge to pack that much food to take to work, which I used to do diligently. This way I won't have to have a resolution about eating healthier smaller meals, it will be happening--yippie for food blogging!

I'm getting on the resolution bandwagon early this year, what about you??

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