Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Good Morning everyone!! Merry Christmas! I am so BLESSED today to know that the best gift in the whole world is Jesus coming to earth to be fully God and fully man, to bring us true LIFE, to show us unconditional love and favor and to be my Savior!! THAT is something I can't keep hidden under a tree or in wrapping. I want to break it OUT!

I didn't get my full size tree up (aw!) but enjoyed my little disco tree and pink twinkle garland before my MOM came to get me for the holidays with her side of the family!

I got to sit and bask in the pink glow of Christmas with my amazing garland!
(hm..does that pic look cluttered to you? More later on THAT)

Whew...that's a lot of stuff for three days, you would think I am heading back to Europe! But I have running clothes and reading material, plus all my gifts and some crafts I am talking mom into doing!

Are you crafting over the holidays? I am always more ambitious than I actually accomplish when it comes to crafts!

Here we are at church outside a winter wonderland! Do we look cold? It is supposed to DUMP SNOW on Minnesota today....I heard 2 feet--I am so excited!

Have a blessed holiday no matter where you are
& I hope your Christmas is white!!

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