Monday, December 28, 2009

Food blogger day 1 & A little more Christmas

One of the highlights of my Christmas weekend was seeing 2 of my 5 nieces: Mandy and Marissa! They are both beautiful girls who make family time so much fun. Mandy is so easy to talk with and so wise for her 18 years and Rissy just got a new kitty, so we played with her!

Day one of food blogging was interesting, but I think I succeeded not only at eating well, but snapping pics of it all!

A real staple breakfast was Oatmeal, half a banana, cinnamon and some Raw Blue Agave nectar, a natural sweetener which I tried for the first time today. Oh, and coffee!!

Morning snack was a hard boiled egg with salsa and a California Mandarin!
One egg contains 5.5 grams of protein (11.1% of the daily value for protein) and only 68 calories! I think they are the perfect snack because they are small, portable and protein packed--they keep me filled up!

Lunch is one of my FAVE meals: avocado sandwich. You can put ANYTHING on these! Today I used Laughing cow cheese, Spinach, mushrooms & italian seasoning. Some mixed veggies with cheese on the side!

I had some grand plans today, but they fell through when I came across a folder of some clippings I was going to use for a vision board. As I looked through them, I noticed how many were about travel & new experiences! This was something that came out in the last board as well and it resonates with me now more than ever.

So, I pampered myself with a little fun and a mental break before moving on to my goals and accomplishments for the day! I gave myself permission to use my afternoon & compile this board. It was centering and energizing to look at all the things I am dreaming of and striving for!

After this I ran about 2.5 miles quick before Dad came to get me and we took off to Pearson's Edina Restaurant for a little post-Christmas Dinner! It was fun and a PERFECT time to try my hand at food blogging!

Eating at Pearsons is not just dinner, it's an experience: a Lutefisk experience!!
I have been wanting to eat this for at least 3 years and Dad and I decided to splurge and go for our Christmas together!

I made sure to order some color on my plate to contrast the white fish, so I had red potatoes and squash. The squash was PERFECTION as was the fish.

SO good. So jiggly.

Salad and bread made an appearance too! I got the dressing on the side so I could watch how much I used. I was a little less cautious with the butter. :)

We came home and visited for a while, had some coffee and exchanged gifts.
I had a bit of fruit cake too--thanks Dad!

Fitzy hung out with us for a while too, it was a good day and a great night.

Did you treat yourself today to something fun or energizing?

Fit This Food Blogger Week: DAY 1

The Fridge.


Good things I see:
Cottage Cheese
Naked Juice

Not so good: Jimmy Johns
Brown bag surprise!
dirty bowls(!!)
Mac-N-Chee box mix (?? why it's in the fridge I don't know.)
OLD food= two cartons of half and half
AND enough food for 4 people and yet I eat for one.

Rule one of food blogging: HAVE FOOD.

So I went to the grocery store.
Luckly for me, these California Cuties are on sale, a pretty color and SUPER yummy.

Rule two: Plan ahead!
I have a loose idea of meals for the next 3-4 days, but have enough choices that I can be flexible. I find a HUGE factor in eating right, is having food that you love on hand. For me food is like clothing: I only want to wear things that I LOVE. I want to eat things that I LOVE and having a small variety of healthy things I enjoy, assures me that I can nosh contently. I have 3 official "dishes" planned this week that should last me 2 daily meals each: fish tacos, pita pizza and chicken with veggies!

Rule Three: Use what you have!
I buy too much food at one time! I eat for one and should buy only what I need that week or even for 4-5 days at a time. My freezer burns everything and I often forget what I have at home if my fridge / freezer are too full! Also, getting creative with what you have will help you use your food and open your eyes to new things you can make! I am planning on a few new dishes even today!

The new and improved fridge after my shopping and a thorough cleaning!

So I am on a roll for my first day blogging what I eat! Check back to see how I do!

Do you ever struggle with buying food you don't use?

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