Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Food blogger Day 2: preparation

I admire food bloggers.

Not only are you camera ready at EVERY moment, reveal to us your every bite, but it takes a lot of TIME to blog like that!! I am enjoying it so far, but must tip my hat to those who do it all the time.

Did I mention that I love eggs? Today I had some poached eggs with spinach and cheese on a whole wheat english muffin, salsa on the side. This is a great protein breakfast and it's a good thing, I have a full day ahead of me!

Morning snack was Almond nut crackers with cheese and salsa and more cuties from California! I tend to use salsa often, I love all the flavors and how different salsas can add a different feel to your meal.

I have been thinking about preparation. Maybe it's the coming new year, projects I am working on at my place & the focus on food this week. When I make healthy food at home it requires preparation: planning a menu, buying groceries, chopping, sauteing etc.

There are areas in my life where I want to improve and advance, to make changes! I talked about a few in my Goals and Lessons post. I had to prepare for changes! I had to find out what I needed to do & gather supplies for it--be it courage, money, education etc. Then do the work, take the lessons, scrimp and save, weigh the options, wait and prepare.

Are you doing this too? After preparation, we get to step out in faith and take hold of our dreams & savor them, like the meals we prepare and enjoy! Our life stuff takes a little longer to prepare for than a good meal does, but when we are working toward our dreams the preparation will be well worth it.

Lunch was a great big steak salad! I top spinach with the steak, avacado, sun dried tomatoes and a bit of mozzarella, sesame seeds and Macy's toasted sesame dressing and it is divine!

Dad brought me a huge box of kisses. I am bringing most with me to my New Years Eve party on Thursday, but enjoyed these three today!

Super was a simple but WONDERFUL meal! I ran 4.5 COLD miles and wanted warm comfort food, so I went local and organic with tomato soup and grilled cheese!

I added purple rosemary roasted potatoes as a side and could only eat half of everything! My eyes are bigger than my stomach, often.

What are you currently preparing for? Do you ever get impatient and want to SKIP that important step? Me too. :)

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