Friday, December 31, 2010

Maintaining, no more clutter and NYE update!

Ok readers, challenge takers and general healthy people!! We have until January 6th to weigh in for our second time and complete the Don't Gain, Maintain Challenge!!

  • Drink your water!
  • Make your workouts!
  • Remember--there will ALWAYS be more food! 
  • Opt for healthy meals at parties and out to eat-you can find them! 
  • Enjoy your new year and know that we always are on our journey!

ALSO--DO weigh in by the 6th, you do not have to have maintained to win, but you do have to log your weigh in for accountability!! EVERYONE who tracks both WI's will be eligible for the prizes!! 

A case of 12 Chobani greek yogurt--either their Club pack: strawberry, Blueberry and Peach or a case (12) of your favorite flavor!  Thanks Chobani for helping us maintain AND eat great tasting treats!

And a one year subscription to Fitness magazine-- that's 12 months of new, fresh and FUN workout idea's and tips to help us stay active and accountable for all of 2011!! 

Rememeber last year when I did the great purge of 2010?? Is ure do, I have been doing them every year for my whole life!! 

I am finally in a place in my apartment where I feel comfortable with the amount of things I have! This has not been the case, nearly my whole life. I am SO happy! There are a few area's where I still need to clean up a little bit (another sweep through the closet--do I NEED my fondue pots? ALL FIVE? things like that...)

My front closet, after and before: a little backwards, but looks great. 

Round one of all the clutter that I sent out the door. There was more after this and more to come. It was a great feat for me to SIMPLY donate it and not save it for a garage sale or hold on to it and post on craigslist. It was liberating to just MOVE it out!! 

Do you to an annual purge? Spring Cleaning or making hubs tackle the basement once a year or do you do damage control year round?? 

OH! Happy New Years Eve! Outfit #1 won out, pretty much by a landslide! I will post pics of the night (if I can) next year.... Celebrate and be SAFE!! Hugs to all my amazing readers!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking ahead with new eyes

2010 was a great year, I can't say a single thing bad about it. It held some challenging experiences, ones that I am blessed enough to get to learn from. It held some scary moments where I couldn't see the path out in front of me, but moved through fear. Eventually I even moved past many of those fears. 

As I am looking into 2011, I am seeing new opportunities, more so than any of the other years of my life. One of the reasons I am seeing things with new eyes is because of the experiences of 2010. 

It was proven to me that the Lord is genuinely faithful. 
It was proven to me that I am different than I thought I was. 
It was proven to me that when you hold fast to your truth, opportunity will find you. 
It was proven to me, what is really of value. Really of value. 

I am going to continue to challenge my old way of thinking and my old way of life. Stepping forward ONLY and into the great unknown where I feel I am called to be. Big visions, confident steps, obedience to God and the knowledge that through him I can do all I am called to do. God will never call you to do something that he won't also equip you to do. 

I made a new vision board and although some goals and visions from my last one are still being molded, this one is more concise about my big visions, ambitious ones, that I am seeing with new eyes: 

What will you attempt to see with New Eyes for 2011? There is no better time to start than right now! Good luck!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Recipe: Flour-less Tiny Peanut Butter Cookies

These flourless chocolate chip cookies were wonderful and easy to make! They are the perfect LITTLE bite size and protein pack'd! (for a cookie)  Thanks to Spark People for the great recipe!

1 Cup Unsalted natural peanut butter
1/2 Cup light brown sugar (packed)
1/4 Cup egg substitute 
1/2 Tsp vanilla extract
chocolate chips (or candy) 

Put on flirty apron. If you do not own said apron--buy one here
Preheat oven to 350 degree's and lightly spray a cookie sheet with oil. 

In a medium bowl, place the peanut butter, brown sugar, egg substitute, and vanilla and mix together. 

Scoop a teaspoon full of cookie dough on the prepared cookie sheet, using a fork makes a criss-cross pattern on it and drop a chocolate chip in the center. Bake 8-9 minutes or until cookie is lightly browned on bottom. Makes about 40 mini cookies! 


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

VOTE for my NYE outfit!

Complete and utter non-fitness, non-health related post! 
What Should I wear?? 

Over Christmas it was concluded that I have a pretty horrendous style! It's actually kind of true and I don't mind. Part of it is who I am, part of it is that I wear things that SEEM like a good idea, a style that you may say, oh that is SO cool (or retro, 80's, outlandish, edgy etc) but wouldn't be caught dead wearing outside of playing dress up at the thrift store. 

Me? I buy it and wear it. It results in some of the purchases shown below: 

I love this shirt, but really? One shoulder leopard print? Sheesh. 

I do not have this sweatshirt anymore, but wore it NOT for dress up often. 

Sequin vest and top hat? You bet.

This was my birthday and it was NOT a costume party. 

This was a dress up party, but I wear this one piece SHORTS suit otherwise too. Aloha! 

Need I say more? Pink fanny packs with green polish? Oy Vey!

VOTE: Exercise your right to vote for my NYE outfit! 

Black flair pants 
Kenneth Cole Reaction peep toe heels 
Black sequin strapless shirt
Brown velvet bolero 
Vintage diamond and pearl necklace

Outfit #2
Black scoop neck, patterned black velvet jacket
Blue and black sleeveless dress
Kenneth Cole Reaction peep toe heels
Vintage diamond and pearl necklace

Both outfits will be sans glasses and with my hair all done beautifully! 
The date? Le sigh, I am looking forward to it very much! A special person, a special night and a party at church! We will be ringing in the New Year with eyes forward and hearts connected! Should be a blast!! 

What are YOU doing New Years Eve??

2011 Races & Ambition!

After running my first marathon, I got the marathon itch. I LOVED the race. I wanted to do it again. So for this coming year, I am going to plot out some really ambitious races and see just how much I can do! (and by do, I mean afford!)

2011 Races

January: indoor track races! January 2nd, January 16th through Charities Challenge! Short distances and working on my speed!
May Med City Marathon - In Rochester, MN, my home town territory!
June  Hmmm... TBD
August: Ragnar relay-looking for a team! 
September: TBD
October:  Twin Cities Marathon- SO excited to do this for the first time! 
Nov   TBD
Dec TBD 

Do you plan out your races/race schedule for the coming year??

Monday, December 27, 2010

Reining it in...

On Christmas morning I had truffles and eggnog for breakfast, it's true. 

I had 2 days,  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,  where I was not very proud of what I ate. BUT it was two days at the most, a day and a half if you count a good breakfast on the Eve (but all the nibbles zero even THAT out). Ever since the marathon, I have been eating like I am running 20 miles a day--it's true!

But two days OFF the wagon, does not a lifestyle change nullify. 

An attitude of all or nothing like that will result in restricted eating or excessive exercise to even the eating out, when a healthy balance of both is easily attained.  All we (I) have to do is rein in our (MY) eating with a few easy changes this week: 

1) Water! Starting my day with a big glass of water and carrying my water bottle with me so that I drink more! Water will curb my appetite and flush out the chocolate toxins that can make us feel sluggish. 

2) SOUP! Eating soup before an entree or a meal also helps to fill you up! There are oodles of wonderful low calorie, healthy soups out there and recipes galore in the world of food blogging. From creamy soups containing pureed veggies, to broths on the stove top in minutes, a soup and side (fruit, salad etc) is a great way to eat a few less calories and still feel like you are eating rich. 

3) Add it up. The thought crossed my mind, why not count calories/points again for a few weeks, just to get back on track? Granted without truffles in my house, there are not a lot of high calorie items, but I am OVER eating just in general. Marathon training had me consuming more calories than usual and I need to back down. You can always (I can) start adding them up to get a base feel for where you should be. 

4) Going green: Make sure that  you are getting ALL five servings of your fruit and veggies. Chances are if you do that, you will be filling up on the good stuff with plenty of fiber and water included. I know, spinach, sprouts and kale don't look QUITE as tempting as the cookies we enjoyed (I enjoyed), but we can fill up, fuel up and feel better with them.  

5) Finally just remember that we can start over at any time...including right now! WE (I) can put down that bar, candy, cookie etc and have a big glass of water and a pear. All our choices get to begin when we say they do, our healthy lifestyles are what we make them to be and all our stops along the journey ARE what make up the entire process. Today, I chose to rein in my cravings and do what I know I really want to! 

What is your best lesson in reining in your eating habits after a little loss of self control? 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Card

Here's my little Christmas card to you: 

On Christmas, I Baked! Peppermint meringue drops!

Put out JOY-filled post its to spread the joy of the season and remind people of their joy.

Decorated:  (gave in to putting up the tree!)

Churched & Chilled!

Hope you had a beautiful day with the ones you love! 

Holiday Stress: Don't do it!!

Merry Christmas!

Below is a fave song of mine from "Meet me in St. Louis" a movie about a family who goes through a tough year, a rough holiday with a dash of romance and tons of great songs.

Click on it, embedding was disabled!

Holidays can cause stress. Family, relationships and misunderstandings can too. Here are a few tips to just help you cope with any potential stress you may be facing: 

1) BREATHE and wait. Take a few seconds to take a deep breath and ask yourself: is this stress or conflict going to be worth my trouble. The answer is almost always no. 

2) Seek to understand THEN be understood. People want to be understood and heard, but take a min to first understand where someone else is coming from. Often, a simple misunderstanding or unknown expectation comes out and can be resolved quick. Seek to understand first alleviates stress before it happens.

3) Only YOU can control you. No one can anger you, frustrate you or ruin your day, but you. We choose everyday whether to respond positively or negatively to the things we face. Try and remember that we can learn from every situation. Things don't have to happen to us, they can happen for us. 

4) Don't hold on to things. This is hard, we all know it is! Whatever holiday crime that family member, checkout person or neighbor committed, will only cause YOU pain and real stress (sometimes physical!) by holding on to it. Let it go, move forward in love and be an example to them of how you want to be treated. You will be an example to others as well of true compassion.

See how these tips are all things we actively do and choose? We are then in control of our stress, how we see a situation and how we respond. We may not be in control of our circumstances, but we can strive to rise above. Maybe even in doing all these things you are still a bit frazzled--so go for a run, hit the gym or do something nice like get your nails done. THEN go back to step one and BREATHE.

Forward fearlessly through the holidays in JOY! 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve will find me...

Baking, hanging, enjoying, focusing and RELAXING!
You, should do the same.

Christmas TIPS:

Tip 6: Call Someone. Someone you don't normally talk to. They won't care about how long it's been since you talked, they won't care about that little "something" that happened. Reach out and reconnect with someone, wish them a Merry Christmas. 

If someone comes to your heart or mind right now as you are reading this--that's the person who you are supposed to touch today. Take 10 minutes, make the call and make their day! 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spicing up your treadmill workouts

Happy Christmas Eve, EVE! It's a winter wonderland for certain in Minnesota, I am so happy for a white Christmas! Do you guys have a white Christmas on the books?? Still waiting?

It's been 10 days since my first marathon and I was basking in the high of such an experience for a good 7 days afterwards! I thought about increasing my speed, I researched a few books to read, I plotted an agressive race plan for the new year! And now, I am 10 days out with only one seven mile run under my belt. Tomorrow I will be doing a short tempo run to keep my motivation up! 

Feeling so great after accomplishing such a goal lasts quite a while when people in your life are asking about it even this far out. it was a high quite like no other for me. Being called a marathoner, finishing the race, rocking my time, are feelings that will make me warm and fuzzy till Minnesota thaws out.

Back to reality means back to running in cold and snow unless I want to face the dreaded Treadmill, which on some days I do. How to keep from being bored on the treadmill--spice up your workouts and still feel challenged?
Here are a few tips: 

1) Hand Weights - Grab a light weight set of weights to take with you! Pump your arms as you run or walk, do a few Tricep extensions over head or bicep curls as you cool down. Either way, your adding resistance and giving your brain something to think about while you are on the treaedmill. Whether you run and just hold them or walk and bust out some moves, the extra coordination required will be a mental challenge.

2) Interval training - instead of a regular interval training routine, try playing with the incline on the machine and walk or run hills in alternating minutes instead of sprints or run walk. Incline is an easy way to get your heart rate soaring and challenge your muscles. Believe me you won't get bored! 
3) Move with a movie - pop a movie in at home or download one to your Ipod to plug in and play at the gym. It will occupy your mind and pass the time as you get your workout in. Better yet, watch a treadmill workout and follow along or a walking workout video.

4) Treadmill tabata - 20 seconds of high intensity work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes three times through is a tabata series. You can do this on the treadmill easily with a run walk, sprint walk, and incline run walk. Play with the sets, just make sure that when you are in your 20 seconds of high intensity, it's HIGH! 

5) Plyo practice - who says we can't skip or bound on a hop on a treadmill! Spice it up with some forward moving plyometrics between walking or running to help increase speed and power, just make sure that you have the balance and stability to stay ON the treadmill.

If NONE of these work for you, you maybe able to try some of what this man is doing in his video, but probably in the saftey of your own home. Have fun!


Do you use the treadmill only when you have to or do you use it more often than not?

Christmas TIPS: All week I am offering little tidbits to focus more on the simple joy and truth of the holiday! 

Tip 5: Donate. The holiday season is when people think about donating their time to serve meals to the hungry, to spend a few hours sorting toys or clothes etc. And while that is a wonderful use of your time, it's been stressed to me that charity organizations are maxed out on volunteers during the holidays. 

Instead of exchanging gifts with family and friends, ask a donation be compiled for your favorite charity and send all the money you would have used on gifts to them. Then take some time in May, July and September to serve. This way, you spread your volunteering out to months that are more sparse, and there is no pressure of what to get aunt Betty or whether cousin Fred will like the fruit of the month club. Perfect way to take pressure off, feel good about giving and JUST in-joy the family. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fitness Bucket List: UPDATED

Christmas is SO close!  I don't know if I am ready, but this year will be mellow for sure. How about you guys?? Done with your shopping, baking, trimming and ready to celebrate?? 

I feel this year, like focusing more and more on where I am heading in the coming year and years. A celebration of birth and new birth to new life--looking ahead in celebration!!  

One thing I was SO looking forward to celebrating was crossing my Destination Marathon off my Bucket List! I HAD to wait till I crossed that finish line, but I did, you can read my FULL recap here

 My bucket list was something that I thought I would be working on for a while! But at the rate I am going, I may have to reevaluate next year!! 

When I went to cross off, It appears as if I can cross of TWO items: 
1) Being a trainer and coach to help others & 
2) Do a Destination Marathon

TRI a triathalon is still there, still staring at me. 

Do Yoga on the Beach some place tropical COULD have been crossed off on this list, as a matter of fact, a number of us met up one morning to try and do Yoga on Waikiki, but it was an early morning rain, so we just hit up the fitness center in the hotel. SO, that one is still up for grabs too. No worries, that just means another tropical trip! 

A HUGE thank you to The Singing Runner who was my blogger gift exchange partner hosted by Tina at Faith, Fitness, fun! 

A tupperware full of White chocolate swirl holiday bark, it is Ah-Mazing!

And, a precious necklace-PINK-with a 26.2 charm, a bead and a shoe with a pink swoosh. It was beyond appropriate and wonderful, it was a SPOT ON gift!! Thank you SO much, it was SO much fun to do this and to send a gift and receive one too--AND meet new bloggers. What a wonderful treat! Thank you again!! 

Christmas TIPS: All week I am offering little tidbits to focus more on the simple joy and truth of the holiday! 

Tip 4: Read the book of Luke chapter two, out loud as a family or at your party, after dinner, under the tree etc... It's SHORT and it's the greatest story in the world. No tradition, carol, party or gift can take the place of that amazing event! It is the heart of the holiday.  

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hawaii in photo's

waikiki Beach

the outrigger reef catamaran

Manoa falls hike

Bolder out for sushi

Kailua Beach Park

Halona Beach Cove- From here to Eternity Kiss was shot on that beach!

Diamond Head

Waikiki from diamond head

Snorkling in waikiki

the royal hawaiian

The Outrigger Reef-our hotel!

Last night, sunsets, beach, tiki torches... 

Where has been your favorite vacation spot?? 

Christmas TIPS:
This year I want to really remember the reason for the season. Advent means coming, so we are looking ahead to the coming return of Christ. His coming for us will be so different than when he was ushered into humanity in a poor family, born in a barn and raised as a carpenter-- a working class man. All that for a reason, all that so he could walk in our shoes, know our sorrow and take our place. 

A NEW kind of christmas tree: 

A plain branch- the cross he bore
Star- he's the bright and morning star
Bread- he is life and sustains us
Crown- eternal king
Candle- he is the light of the world
Dove- the bringer of PEACE to our hearts

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