Thursday, April 1, 2010

To try or not to try....

That is the question. 

What are you willing to try in life? I am facing something right now that is challenging for me, but I am trying it anyway. On Facebook yesterday I noted: 

"Trying is a part of failing. If you are afraid to fail then you're afraid to try." 

When faced with something new, do you shy away from even trying? I do, often. Why? Because I am afraid of failing. But If we never try new things, if we never stick our neck out there we will never know. And even if we face failure and survive, it will make us better and stronger for when we try again. 

After all, who says we have to try something once and if we don't succeed, NEVER try again. We can always practice and go back and try again, life and God give us infinite second shots. 

This week, I am heading into my second audition for a group fitness instructor at a soon to be named (or remain unnamed) gym. Going to an "audition" for me is scary, especially when it is me and my lonely self in front of a few people or a panel saying "See what I can do? Pick me!" 

In all honesty this is part of my plan and my dream (train and teach also), but is coming up much earlier than I expected. The grand plan was to take a weekend workshop in May, get that certification and then start on the path. But, since I am in need of something part-time that resembles an income, this opportunity seems ideal and very promising.  

I have been practicing at home for a number of days since my first audition and will find out soon if I am what they are looking for and what they need or if I will have to head back to the drawing board and practice and then try again later.  

Regardless of the outcome of this weeks audition, I will still go through the workshop in May for certification. Either I will have been teaching for a while at that point or I will get to use everything from this experience to make me a better and stronger teacher later on. 

I DO need a leotard like this one though!

I CAN'T go through my life afraid of even trying new things because I think I can't do it. I have been taking group fitness classes for a long time and a few I could lead with my eyes close. But this is a new format. I need to remind myself that: 

I am more capable than I give myself credit for --we all are! 
My confidence and self esteem need to be boosted up and I need to see what my true capabilities are, that is an entirely different post I could do! In the meantime, whether I make the cut or whether I have to come back to this piece of my plan, at least I know that I tried! 

What do you want  to do that you are afraid of trying?? 


teacherwoman said...

I want to do 70.3 Ironman, but am afraid I won't be able to go the distance!

katdoesdiets said...

Go you! Get up in front of them and show them what you can do!!! Flaunt your stuff girl. It's scary when we step out, but succeed or fail we always make progress when we do.

Joey said...

YES! Rock it, girl! And know that if you don't get it, there is a reason and it's probably that God has something better in store for you! :)

cstironkat said...

Good luck to you, I know you can do it.
I don't like riding my harley alone. I'm afraid that if I wreck I will be all alone. I need to go by myself more often but I keep thinking there is safety in numbers. Its easy to miss 1 Harley riding alone, but if there are 15 Harleys in a group, they are pretty easy to spot.

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