Thursday, April 15, 2010

5 things: Feeling good about your fitness

When working out gets stagnant or old (let's face it, sometimes it does!) it can be a challenge to feel good about it. When we have been doing the same workout & been on the same journey for so long, we need a little extra UMPH to feel good about our fitness!

Here are a few tips for feeling good about your fitness: 

1) Make each workout your own: Even in Group Fitness classes you can make your workouts your own. If you are taking a class you can always do the modified moved either for advanced or to make the moves more manageable. Otherwise, spice things up and get the most out of what you do:
  • Up your weights
  • run the extra block
  • stand on one leg to improve core strength
  • do an AB blast during commercials
  • workout at home if you can't otherwise
  • recruit a friend who runs faster
--make your workouts count by making them your own!

Working out at home! 

2) Write your goals out for the week and take inventory:  Set some goals weekly such as working out 3 days, lifting weights running or hitting 15 miles or more for the week! Write down what you want to accomplish, maybe even by day like at Dare to Tri and loop back at the end of the week to see what you accomplished! I am going to be trying this...join me!

3) Cheer yourself on: Give yourself encouragement as you go! Write 3 or 4 affirmations to say before the long run or the Body Pump class, tell yourself your fast, strong, fit and fantastic. Even if it's just repeating "I can do this, I am awesome" it will make you feel better when you're done! You'll feel awesome! 

4) Reward yourself: Soak in a hot bath, go to bed early, create a date night with the hubs, get a hot new pair of socks at Target`, download a bumpin' new itunes song for the next round, sprinkle some chocolate chips on anything! Treat yourself well after you treat yourself to a hard workout and you will want to do both again. 

5) Think big picture: Feeling good about our fitness is an ongoing process, if we miss a workout, splurge a little with the rich food or don't meet a goal, we have to remind ourselves that this is a marathon not a sprint. 

Cooling down and feeling good! 
Photo by Lucas Saugen

To be effective with fitness fitting into our lifestyle we have to view it as a big picture! There is no finish line...


Alexa said...

You look SO beautiful in both these pictures! Rock on Mary!
Can't wait to see you at class tomorrow.

Free Exercises said...
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