Friday, April 9, 2010

A Greenway kind of morning

This morning I took off on my bike, Mury and headed to the gym for a boot camp class. I actually went to a suburb of Minneapolis, using the Midtown Greenway, a 5.5 mile commuter trail through South Minneapolis. The trail it'self stretches into the Western Suburbs farther than the 5.5 mile Midtown Greenway, changing names and allowing for those in the burbs to bike into the city!

Here I am in the city, at the start of the Greenway, by my house! 

For a while, you feel like you are out in nature! There are tree's and wild flowers and it's quite! Then you come to a crossing and are reminded your in the city!

A shoot off trail for commuters to hook up with the main Greenway

The Greenway hooks up with the South Minneapolis Chain of lakes--where I run! 

City buildings peeking through the trees! 

Just wait till things get green!! 

The trip to the gym and back is 9 miles round trip! Not to bad for the first real bike ride of the season! 
I was thinking of My August Triathlon though as I was riding and I may be investing in a few fun things to make the ride easier: padded shorts, clip shoes, a lightweight bike! Ha! We will see, I have a while yet!

Brunch was a super simple, SUPER yummy stop at the French Meadow Bakery for protein and carbs...oh and coffee of course. They serve Peace Coffee, which is THE best! 

Poached eggs, with tabasco and sourdough bread. And in the sunshine!! 

When I came home there was a great surprise in the mail! My fanny pack and microphone guard for my group fitness class. Whew, speaking of, I am off to practice the routine!  

Do you have bike trails where you live? If so, do you use them to commute or to run and walk on too? Minneapolis was just named in the Top 20 friendliest bike cities in the nation! Woot! Go Mpls! 

Have a Great Friday! 


teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a great trail! I am jealous. I am going to have to venture out and see what's around me, I haven't heard of too many...

And yes, I can't wait until things are green in these parts of the woods! I can imagine how beautiful it will be!

Diana said...

No bike trails over here. I are not bike friendly here, at all. Only in some parts of the city but not many.

Lisbon has many many hills though so not many people use their bikes (not to commute, at least).

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I think you are cute

Joanie Raiche said...

Thank you so much for your information on the Midtown Greenway! I was just doing some research on it the other day. I really want to take a bike ride or run on the Greenway.

Where did you get on the Greenway? I live in Uptown (closer to 35W) so I don't know where I would hop on...

Let me know what class and where you are teaching and I will come check it out!!

Good luck!

Mary said...

Hey Joanie: I caught it at Bryant and 29th, but you can catch it behind the Global Market too. There are a number of entry points, here is a link to them all! .

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