Saturday, April 10, 2010

Midtown Greenway Entry Points!

If you're from the area or visiting and are wondering where you can access the Midtown Greenway, here are a list of the entry points! The Chicago Avenue entry is right behind the Midtown Global Market where you can get amazing food and treats from many ethnicities!! Check their fresh fish, meat and fruit markets on your ride!

Here is a link to the city site where you can learn more about the Greenway.

The Midtown Greenway has 35 access points. You can use most of them while riding your bike. Please walk or carry your bike wherever there are stairways or wood chip paths.

  • Southwest LRT Trail (via St. Louis Park)
  • 31st Street/Chowen Avenue
  • Kenilworth Trail
  • Calhoun Village
  • Dean Parkway
  • Calhoun Parkway
  • James Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • Irving Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • Humboldt Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • Bryant Avenue West
  • Bryant Avenue East
  • Vera’s Garden (Wood Chip Path—Use Caution)
  • Soo Line Garden (Wood Chip Path—Use Caution)
  • Nicollet Avenue
  • 5th Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • Park Avenue
  • Columbus Avenue (Stairway)
  • Chicago Avenue (Stairway)
  • 13th Avenue
  • Bloomington Avenue (Stairway)
  • 18th Avenue
  • 28th Street
  • 20th Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • 21st Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • Hiawatha Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • Light Rail Trail
  • Minnehaha Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • 26th Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • 27th Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • 29th Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • 30th Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • Anne Sullivan School
  • Brackett Park
  • Dorman Avenue (Stairway)
  • West River Parkway (At-Grade Crossing)

HAPPY running, riding, walking and skating! 


Chris said...

Thanks for posting this. I just discover the Greenway a few weeks ago and a friend and I were talking about the access to the Midtown Global Market.

Anonymous said...

I used the Vera's garden one today for the first time. It's a little weird, but doable.

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