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Positive Portions & Food tracking

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Recently I have been using a Positive Portions food and fitness Journal.  I haven't tracked food in a while, but the people over at Fairview Press sent me a new copy to check out and try!  

The American Journal of Preventative Medicine completed a recent study that shows that people who track food and meals are likely to lose twice as much weight as those who don't. There is a level of accountability with writing down our food that is missing from just "trying" to eat well. All those BLT's (bites, tastes, licks!) add up and tracking is a great way to keep them all in check... 

The author Shannon Hammer lost 110 pounds herself through diet and exercise and of course by tracking her food! She adopted a long term, holistic approach to wellness and created the Positive Portions journal to help others on their own journey! You can check out her website and blog here, she has many great resources!

I like the Journal for starters, because it is not dated, but is marked by month and by day:

So you can start it at ANY time, after all getting fit should be as convenient as possible and your tools should be easy and not hinder you from starting on your journey. Also, if you miss a day or skip a day, you don't have to skip any pages in the journal, you can continue through the whole book! 

The daily calorie counting/nutrition portion is split up by time of day, which is nice, but I wish there was a little more room on it. I eat a lot of things all at one time. In order for me to track the calories, fat, fiber etc of every item I put in a fish taco would take up nearly the whole afternoon. Otherwise, I like the way it's set up.

At the bottom of each page is a Daily Activity section where you can list out your fitness goals, your workouts or how you feel as you were working out! I love that it has a ton of room, so you can add your own checklists or notes, like I did above!

What is cool about the journal and I think unique to it, is the daily reading and on the opposite pages of each entry. Shannon tackles topics such as emotional eating, goals, balance with our food, healthy routines, change's definitely up my alley!

Here is a nice example where Shannon compares eating to a race!! I love it!

Overall, I think the Positive Portions Journal is a great way to track food. It's simple enough that you can add it in to any of the methods you are currently using, even Weight Watchers. I know there are a lot of great online trackers, but personally I like having a paper one since I am so on the go, I will have to write down what I eat before entering it online anyway. 
Do you currently track your food? Be sure and check out Shannon's site here and happy tracking! 


Bella (Stilettos on the Streetcar) said...

I currently use the WW three month tracker, but I like the look of the tracker you're using. I also prefer a journal to online tracking. I need something I can carry in my purse.

spunkysuzi said...

I keep a daily food and exercise journal but i keep it in a notebook that i bought because i find the one's you buy specifically for food are way too small for me!

LaShaune said...

I go for a while (2 wks maybe) of good tracking and then stop. I've tried paper and online. I know I need to track my food intake in order to see the results I'm striving for, so it's just a matter of doing it on a more consistent basis.

Karla said...

I use a plain ole moleskin folder, got it at the local book store. I used to use the three mon th WW tracker, but didn't want all the junk pages. I am a firm believer in tracking, even with taking all the pictures for my blog, I still have to wqrite it all down!!

teacherwoman said...

I kept a food journal this fall and need to get back to it. I lost about 10 pounds then and was able to keep it off. But, most importantly I felt so much better because I was thinking twice before putting something in my mouth. The journal looks nice!

Cheryl S. said...

I've been using an online tracker through my gym...or my smartphone. But, I have to say, I LOVE the idea of a journal that I can hold in my hands...wondering how big this is?

KatDoesDiets said...

looks like a great journal. I do track, I have to.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

I do track, but I have been thinking for awhile I need to actually journal a little more about my hunger level and emotions cause just counting isn't really cutting it any more.

oh and wanted to make sure you know about the fun giveaway going since I've entered so many of yours

Mary said...

Hey Cheryl!! Great question, the journal is 5 by 7.5, so just the size of the 5x7 pic! It's small, but not too small!

Mishy said...

i've been enjoying your blog for a couple months now, i don't think i've ever commented before - (i tend to not click out of google reader very often). just wanted to let you know i'm here and enjoy your stuff; congrats on accomplishing so many of your goals!

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