Friday, May 21, 2010

Rooftop Yoga and love


Yesterday I took a big brunch up to the roof to read, relax, eat and do a little movement--rooftop yoga! 

Greek yogurt, chia, strawberries, muffin top, toast, eggs, salssssa, COFFEE!

The Sun was Gorgeous, and look how BLUE the sky is, it was beyond lovely and a great way to relax. I took a book my Mom gave me called "You're All That" on our confidence in who we are, but ended up reading the Bible instead. People in the old testament made gods out of gold and brass, lugged them around, carried them from camp to camp to and they were a "burden for the weary". But Isaiah 46 tells us that God sustains us, carries US and rescues US. He takes our burdens and his yoke is easy!

I have little sprouts of spinach and zucchini in the mini renegade garden too!! I had a bit of a concern with Minneapolis squirrels, but not anymore! Grow, grow, grow little greens! 

Do you have a place outside that you can relax? Do you ever do yoga outside? I am thinking of getting people together for some rooftop yoga, but need a leader!! 


Joey said...

What a gorgeous day! Glad you were able to enjoy it - sounds like the most relaxing afternoon. Wish I could join you for rooftop yoga!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

Yeahh how fun! I love going to this outdoor yoga class on the weekends, but otherwise I don't really do it outside

The Curvy Life said...

Yes! You have the coolest life! I would come do rooftop yoga with you... but I am a newbie... so you still need a leader!

I need to get some of that Chia stuff... Where do I get it? I assume Wedge has it?


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

aaawww, I wanna do yoga on the rooftop with you! Hey, are you going to start teaching yoga at the gym? I for sure will come then!

Alexa said...

Where did you get that sweet tray for your food? I love it!

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