Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stepping it out & showing up


When I told my family I was changing careers, my brothers especially were extremely supportive of me!! In the last few weeks, I have been thinking about my career change is a lot, it's hard not to. I used to get up and work 8:30-5:30, have to ask for bathroom breaks and spend my days working on making my weaknesses a little less weak. I had a bit of a different idea about where and how I saw myself.  This transitional period in my life is SO awesome and I am learning so much about myself, about my beliefs, about my passions. I want to continue to learn and grow as I move into my life's work. 

Twitter background of passions!! 

I have still been spending time at my "internship" even after my hours are logged and I am certified officially. There are a few reasons for this. 1) I love it there--it's where I lost 30 pounds and fell in love with body pump! 2) I applied there for Personal Training and am in the process of showing up. Meaning, I want them to see me there, smiling face, wiping down machines, volunteering and showing up when I can to shadow and be a part of the team. 

It's what I am calling stepping it out and showing up. When I left my job, I didn't have a job. As a matter of fact, my FIRST audition for my group fitness class was on my last day at the office, a mere 3 hours before I walked out the door. I have an apartment, 2 cats and too many student loans and I went from working 40 paid hours a week to working SIX (plus spending a ton of time interning, job hunting and volunteering)! 

But you know what, I have been able to get by... my Leap of Faith career change was LITERALLY that. I LEPT. I planned some-- I had to.  I prepared by taking my certification class and test, I lined up internships, I saved some cash, I put some bills on hold, I budgeted and called and prayed and then I LEPT. 

Today I am 60 days out from that jump and I know it was the right move.  

With each decision I want to weigh it out and pay close attention to where I should be going. I don't want to take a position or a job because It would LOOK good on my resume. I want to take a job that fits with who I am and places me where God wants me to be. So, I step it out, taking little steps, praying about them, listening to God as I go and moving forward step by step. A door closes, I pray about it. A door opens. I pray about it, I step in. Every door so far as led to more contacts, more opportunity and more blessings. The right people in my paths, the right timing, it's all there!

Showing up is putting those little faith steps into even MORE action. I can't sit on my couch every day saying: "I took a leap of faith so I will trust and pray and God will bring me my dream job." As I watch Days and eat toast!! I have to Show Up, I have to have action behind my faith for me to move forward. So, I do my part, I apply at the internship, I continue to literally show up and figuratively show up as I volunteer at events, sign up for seminars and make friends with the regulars. 

Yesterday I had a meeting at a smaller training studio I have admired for a while. We talked quite a bit about my background and where I am heading now, the experience I am seeking. Most trainers as I have come to learn, work a few jobs. The internship would be a part-time to 3/4 gig and I will have to follow suit and train in a few places. The woman was very candid with me and gave me some great advice, I shared with her what my next few steps look like and she asked me to give her a call in six months. SWEET!! She said she loved my personality and energy and thinks I would do fantastic there after I start handling my own clients! My internship is extremely important to me  and It is my first choice, but as I go through the process I need to step out even farther and with confidence.

  I realized you guys mostly see me in workout clothes with pony tail hair!! 
Here I am all cleaned up and shiny:

I try to look professional and yet funky-- splashes of who I am in my outfit when I meet new people: How do you show up with your best foot forward? 

p.s. I just want to add that a number of my friends and former co-workers were laid off this week from the office I left in my leap.  I want to let them know I am SO sorry for their loss and am sending rays of joy and hope out to them!  I am praying for you guys, call or write me! 


Cheryl S. said...

What I love so much about your story Mary is the fact that your initial leap was not just a moment of 'stepping out' but sparked a daily adventure that is stretching you and creating you into the woman God made you to be. Its just so much fun to watch it all unfold!

I think sometimes God gets a bad rap, people think if you walk with Him your life will be dull and boring...oh, that is just so far from the truth!

Looking forward to meeting you some day soon!

Tricia said...

Thank you for sharing this! I've been doing some soul searching and have come to the conclusion I want to work in the health and fitness industry. I don't even know you, but I'm so proud of you for going after what you want.

and you look too cute!

Holly - Run Like the Wind (or Shuffle Like an Old Lady) said...

You are so brave to take that leap! I'm very happy it's going so well for you!

That Pink Girl said...

How cute are YOU in your sassy silver shoes!?!?
So excited FOR you and so inspired BY you!

MulberryMary said...

I love this post. Life is about taking risks and moving toward your dreams!

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