Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kale Chips & Sunshine

Hi everyone! Hope your week is moving right along and going well, mine is for sure! I am feeling blessed and taking on new challenges daily, but with joy and a sense of adventure! 

One of the weekend adventures I had was trying Kale chips! I gathered a  big handful from my rooftop deck garden (which is pretty much rockin'!) and set off to see what all the buzz is about! 

I tore up my 2 cups of kale and tossed it with one table spoon, Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil, which I won from Angie Bee!

Then I sprinkled all of them with sea salt and half with red pepper, those were spic-ay!! Don't judge my nasty pan either, it's the only one I use to roast things on and it's nearly black, but works! I am sure that everyone has a secret nasty pan that works wonders. 

Kale is off the chart in Vitamin's K, A, E and fiber! It is high in beta carotene, antioxidants and is one of the best natural tools in preventing many cancers. Eat Kale, Love life, be healthy! 

I made two batches, the first I baked for 8 min at 375 and it was TOO long. The recipe called for 10 min and I am glad I didn't leave them in that long. I baked up my second batch at 375 for 5 minutes and they came out brown AND green! They were crunchy and very flavorful, and the red pepper added a great kick! 

I will be making them again for sure, but need more kale since it shrunk up more than expected, but it was easy and healthy!  

On a side note, I drank in some of the MN summer sun and it was Fantabulous!!! I know I shouldn't be laying out, but I just LOVE it. I do slather on the sunscreen so I feel like I can enjoy myself, read, drink in the Vitamin D and still even out some tan lines. I am a sun bunny, I admit.  I granted myself 2 hours to just relax and do what I wanted which included this.  Lately, I haven't been taking too much time to just relax and BE. 

Here are 3 wonderful things that have ALREADY happened this week: 
  1. an additional opportunity where I already work
  2. Wanting to join a bible study and finding one THAT day that is studying a book I already have
  3. Finding a Triathlon specific swimming class at my YMCA.  BAM. Blessings are overtaking us! 

 Thanks to Angie Bee for the Coconut oil winnings and be sure and check out her sweet giveaway-a Nuu Muu Dress!

Do you use coconut oil--what is your favorite dish to create with it? Have you made the KALE chips? Verdict? 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear...

Remember WAY long time ago when my former co-worker James and I went to the Get Motivated Seminar -- you can read the recap here-- well, that day we talked about a project that I wanted to work on someday. It was an idea for a business of my own, an idea that had been in my head for OVER four years, but was always on the back burner. 

It was something that I thought was in the future and not for the present. It was an idea that started with wanting to help people overcome, to give people hope, strength & value. It started with that desire and then it gained a name and a vision: Temple Training & Fitness.

There is SO much to the vision, but the basis is my personal training business. James and I talked about how it wasn't as hard as I thought and that it was a very real option for me. I was saying, yeah, yeah someday I will, but I can't right now. James said, "You know this is a lot like the message on side mirrors: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear." I nearly cried. That was May 28th. Exactly ONE month and I have officially started it. Whew

I created a rough website, hung flyers, got insurance and created a vision and mission statement. 

I have created a plan and am stepping out in faith AGAIN--I am so excited for it!! SO, if you're local and you are looking to talk to someone about personal training that you know has been through the journey, drop me a line, I am running a friends and family (and blog readers, and acquaintances and FB what-nots!) special for the months of July and August! I also just wanted to mention that OVER four years ago when I was dabbling with fitness and training thoughts for a career, I was gifted the name of the business and I WROTE it DOWN! That is key, because when we write down our goals and visions, we are 70% more likely to achieve them. I didn't write anything but the name, but it was enough. 

Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision the people perish.  

On a different note, I bought kettlebells and they are blue and PINK! Weee! I love me some pink workout gear. Now I have to put them to some good use! Check out this kettlebell basics workout below, it's a good explanation! 

Have you used kettlebells? Do you love em? 

How I feel when I DON't work out

Happy Monday folks! I am glad to say that I am feeling MUCH better this week and had a great long weekend with my Mom, we did a lot of hanging out, I worked, we worked out and went to a lot of church, there was a 5 day conference here in Minneapolis! It was a FABulous weekend! 

Because of the fact that I was sick, studying and had 3 training's last week, my running was suffering! I hadn't ran in a week! This can mean two things for me: one, it was an unexpected rest and I will feel rejuvenated and ready to go or two: I will feel like I am struggling and that the "break" was too long, even if I couldn't help it. 

Thankfully, I felt great on my run, hammered out a quick 5 miles on Sunday after 9 days off (!!) Other than being sick and then well, and busy and then frazzled, HOW do I feel when I DON'T workout? 

Well, crappy!  When I don't workout
I am restless-my muscles ache
My joints hurt (this is a big one) 
I feel stressed 
I tend to overeat
I am OVER tired

It's interesting the signs that pop up when we DON't workout. Things we may not notice the first few days, but after three or four start to wonder: why did I snap at my co-worker, why am I STILL tired! For me, anytime I start to feel pain or aches in my joints--knees, hips etc, It is a signal to me to get a workout in.  When my knee's felt a little off on Saturday, I knew I was due for a workout! 

I ran in my new running skirt from Running Skirts dot com. I LOVE it so far, it's cute, it's comfortable and light weight and best of all it was on sale, I treated myself to it last week! 

Underneath? Little running shorts, but the skirt didn't come up or even show these as I was running, it is better than compression shorts that ride up! 

It was a weekend of cooking, I will post a few fun recipes later this week, but for now, wanted to show you our twin omelets for Sunday Brunch! YUM! 

I LOVE my omelet pans--you put a little of the egg in each side, cook till nearly done with your ingredients, then close the pan and let the two sides meld.

 I have four total, so you can have an omelet bar for 4 people at once! We added: Broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, mushroom, mozzarella and basil! (Mom had green peppers too, but not me!) 

PURRFectly golden brown and awesome! Mine was a bit of a casualty, but good nonetheless. 

How do you feel when YOU don't work out, How long do you rest between workouts during the week? Thanks for reading and have a great MONDAY! 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Studying, consistency and gelato

Not a very creative title, but it's Friday, my brain has checked out for the weekend already!

This past week I was studying a unique set of exercises for a special resistance training machine called the G-werks machine! I am working toward a certification to be a G-werks  trainer and be able to run group classes even! G-werks is like having ALL of the fitness center machines in one. So I am learning all the exercises you can do and how to manipulate and set up the machine. 

Flashcards!! I love flash cards, not only do I get to take notes in an organized way, but I can easily flip back through them, associate the name of the exercise with what it is and on the back, list all the muscles used and the variations of the exercise. 

I took a break and painted my nails bright orange for fun!! 

Studying is hard work, like lifting! Ever since becoming a fitness professional, I have learned that I will be studying the rest of my life! The more I learn, the less I see that I know. The industry is also changing constantly and rapidly, so I am learning constantly! 

The key to being an overcomer and successful in all we do is taking the truth that we know and making a life from it! We study, we learn truths and we apply them, if we apply them consistently and overtime, that is when we see a difference. Anyone can do something for one day or one week, but if we take what we learn, integrate it into our life, form a habit and are consistent then we will be effective and successful. 

LIke that little water drip that carves out ROCK over time and with persistence. When we study something and are consistent about applying it-- when we learn about ourselves, when we learn about our passion, about our God, then what we learn can be woven into our life.  Through study we can show our selves as experts in what we know, because not only have we studied, read, and learned but we are living it as well

  • I know the truth of prayer, I live it. 
  • I know the truth of strength training, I feel it this morning. 
  • I know the truth of consistacny, it helped me lose 30 pounds, it helped me find my own worth, it helps me walk in love. 

I know the truth of studying and applying what I learn, even this week I have learned so much.

Mom and I living it up at church on Thursday night! The sermon was on consistency and persistence... It was really good. :) 

Then we went out for Gelato!! Mom had never had gelato at Jacksons!! I
 LOVE it so much, plus it is lower fat than Ice Cream. 

In order to be considered Ice Cream, it has to have MORE than 16% milk fat, gelato by definition has to have LESS than 8%. The BEST part is that when you take a bite of mango gelato, it tastes like a REAL mango! YUM! 

I got green tea and black chocolate! 

Today, Mom and I are going to do some hanging out, hit the gym and then have another meeting at church tonight, its a weekend FULL of fun! 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Charity: Water

Happy Wednesday everyone! Welcome to new readers, please pop in the comments and say hallo!

My week is booked solid, is off the HOOK busy and all with work, work related meetings & training's! I couldn't be happier! Here is a super tiny sneak peek at me in work clothes: 

This is a short post today, but I wanted to point out a really fantastic charity effort happening over here at Healthy Heart Journey. My good friend Cindy, who you may remember from posts like my Back in Shape 5K recap and Shopping therapy (!) is venturing out on her journey to health and donating to Charity: Water.


1 Billion people don't have access to fresh drinking water, but 

Cindy is looking for people to donate AND to sponsor her: She is going to donate 1$ for every pound she shed's on her journey over the next 3 months to Charity: water. AND she is going to match her sponsor's donations. There is more too, but you should head over to her blog and check it out-- it's a worthy cause and Cindy is one ambitious girl!! 

When do you feel you take our clean water and drinking water for granted? I leave water running when I shouldn't... like brushing my teeth or cleaning.  :(

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Official Pearl Izumi Review

A while back, Pearl Izumi sent me a pair of trail running shoes, their newest model, the Syncrofuel XC. I ran in them in preparation for my ten mile Chester Woods Trail Race

They are very light weight, yet sturdy and durable. They are engineered for pronation control and traction. I really enjoy running in them on the road as well as during my trail race. I tried them on the road, because the reps at Pearl Izumi said they liked them for regular running shoes also. 

They have great traction and control of my foot and ankle while at the same time molding well through the trail terrain. I have been moving to a more minimal running style, but wanted to try these for my race since my feet aren't ready to take on a trail race in my minimalist kicks. 

The toe of the shoe is high to protect us on the trails, but are roomy and allow for our toes to move and not feel constricted. They feel free without the rest of my foot feeling unstable.  

I think that they came up a little high around the ankles, but I am used to my current, non-trail, running shoes which come down very low. It didn't bother me, but took a bit of getting used to especially since I was switching back and forth between shoes. 

I really like the Pearl Izumi's, more than other trail running shoes I have tried! They are just malleable enough to be great road race shoes or on the trails. 

are light weight
are stabilizing
they have great traction
they are comfortable and didn't take much breaking in.  

PLUS, the afternoon of my trail race I was flipping through a free copy of Trail Runner Magazine they handed out at the race and guess what I saw... 

The Syncrofuel XC was voted Editors Choice for the best racer!! I agree, that's why I did so well on my race! A HUGE thank you to Pearl Izumi for your great racers and for the chance to run in them and review them!! 

I had a half marathon on my race list for July, but think I will have to pass on that one. I may be doing some pacing for a MN pacing team in the near future and will be focusing on my Triathlon training!! 

What is your favorite shoe you have taken on a test run? Do you venture out and try new shoes or stick with the same brand and style? 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Natural Cold Care

This weekend I spent a big chunk working and a big chunk warding off a cold with some good ole fashioned natural remedies!  And some down right good ones! 

Green Monsters: I was averaging 2 a day as I was teaching & needed to be at the gym around potential clients! 

Saturday night I broke out my liquid Echinacea & Goldenseal! It's great to hit the sluggish feeling or germs right away with this, I may have been a little late, but it helps nonetheless! A few drops to one full dropper in your water and your set! It doesn't taste great though! 

I was also adding pure peppermint essential oil from Young Living, to hot water, for a very strong and effective tea. Peppermint which is usually associated with treating an upset stomach or digestive issues, may have some anti-viral and antibacterial properties as well. Plus it makes a delicious tea! 

Yogi Peach Detox, only because I didn't have some of my Traditional Medicinal Tea's that I love for colds and wellness. But it's good and it does the trick! 

Rest, Rest, Rest, (could have done more!) Water, Water, Water. 

I had a ton of water, a ton of tea and spent most of the day Sunday on the couch resting and trying not to spread my germs to the kitties. (WHY don't animals catch our colds? Anyone have an answer?) Plus I wanted to wear my sweet headband and this was what I came up with, on the couch all droopy eyed and bed head! 

I wanted to say a big thanks to Jen over at Prior Fat Girl for a super cute gift she gave me!! A few tee shirts and a really CUTE Tea Wallet!! I love the tea shirt that says karma warrior.

Thanks Jen! Hope you guys had a great weekend out there and had a chance to check out some of the giveaways I posted--there are SO many good ones out there! 

Here's to a happy & healthy Monday!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lucy winners & Weekend

Thank you to everyone who entered my LUCY active wear raffle! It is officially closed and the two winners Lynette and Amanda have been contacted! We raised $330.00 for Bolder Options with that raffle alone--that is awesome! There will be more raffles, don't worry!

My weekend is filled with work, studying, working out and a little playing! I am going through a local certification to teach strength training classes and I am studying to learn the specialized equipment and moves!

 There is a girls night that I am going to tonight and I am hoping to catch a few rays tomorrow if the sun comes out! 

What are you doing this weekend: Work or play or a bit of both? 

Here are some cool giveaways to checkout this weekend: 

Angie is giving away some nuun and a SPIbelt, ending 6/22
Mel is giving away a race for the cure package ending 6/26
Sticky Fingerprints is giving away a running skirt ending 6/25
Trisha is doing a Ryder sunglasses giveaway, ending 6/25
Marcia is raising money for Lupus with this SWEET giveaway! Ends SUNDAY, tomorrow!

Friday, June 18, 2010

An accidental brick & running with the big dogs

Yesterday I got to run with my friend Christian, who is a very fast runner (remember when I said I was going to try running with people faster than I am?) , he's a 5 time marathoner and a High School track & cross Country coach in Minneapolis! We went to college together & recently have been talking about running, a lot! 

Yeah, I think he's great, but I can't vouch for his coaching skills! 

I met him at one of our beautiful lakes in Minneapolis and my workout quickly turned into an accidental brick (Bike-run-ick!). I biked 5.52 miles to the lake and then told him I was tired and a bit run down! Nothing but smiles from him as we set off on our run! 

Did I mention it was windy? It was, that's why my hair looks like Buckwheat's from little rascals! We ran between 7:30-8:20's for our first 2.8 miles and then Christian took another lap and I biked next to him! He ran his last lap of the lake in the low 7's--someday I will be there if I keep pushing myself and running with the big dogs!! I was covered in grime when I got home from my 11+ miles and 2.8 run. 

In hindsight, I maybe could have ran the last lap with him, but I know he wanted to go faster and I am still working on feeling tip top, so riding with him to chat was fine by me. 

I always wonder though if I could have pushed myself harder nearly every time I run! Do you guys feel that way? Coming home from a workout or a run and feeling like I still have gas in the tank and could have amped it up, bums me out. Today I know I had to have some gas for my little accidental brick, bike ride home, but NEXT time. Next time I will really be ready to bring it. 

I forgot to have him analyze my form--what a nerd! I was going to ask and I forgot, he has been a coach for 11 years so I think he can help an old lassy like me shave some time off my 5k. Thanks Christian for running with me!  

Next week I officially start working on my triathlon training! I blogged about it WAY back in December when I signed up...

It will be coming up fast on August 22nd!! I am following a plan from Beginner and will be hitting the pool next week with a little help from my friend Meghan!  

Are you doing a new race or event this year?? 

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