Friday, June 18, 2010

An accidental brick & running with the big dogs

Yesterday I got to run with my friend Christian, who is a very fast runner (remember when I said I was going to try running with people faster than I am?) , he's a 5 time marathoner and a High School track & cross Country coach in Minneapolis! We went to college together & recently have been talking about running, a lot! 

Yeah, I think he's great, but I can't vouch for his coaching skills! 

I met him at one of our beautiful lakes in Minneapolis and my workout quickly turned into an accidental brick (Bike-run-ick!). I biked 5.52 miles to the lake and then told him I was tired and a bit run down! Nothing but smiles from him as we set off on our run! 

Did I mention it was windy? It was, that's why my hair looks like Buckwheat's from little rascals! We ran between 7:30-8:20's for our first 2.8 miles and then Christian took another lap and I biked next to him! He ran his last lap of the lake in the low 7's--someday I will be there if I keep pushing myself and running with the big dogs!! I was covered in grime when I got home from my 11+ miles and 2.8 run. 

In hindsight, I maybe could have ran the last lap with him, but I know he wanted to go faster and I am still working on feeling tip top, so riding with him to chat was fine by me. 

I always wonder though if I could have pushed myself harder nearly every time I run! Do you guys feel that way? Coming home from a workout or a run and feeling like I still have gas in the tank and could have amped it up, bums me out. Today I know I had to have some gas for my little accidental brick, bike ride home, but NEXT time. Next time I will really be ready to bring it. 

I forgot to have him analyze my form--what a nerd! I was going to ask and I forgot, he has been a coach for 11 years so I think he can help an old lassy like me shave some time off my 5k. Thanks Christian for running with me!  

Next week I officially start working on my triathlon training! I blogged about it WAY back in December when I signed up...

It will be coming up fast on August 22nd!! I am following a plan from Beginner and will be hitting the pool next week with a little help from my friend Meghan!  

Are you doing a new race or event this year?? 


Shan said...

I am SO impressed you ran yesterday in that wind and heat! I wimped out b/c I go in the evenings when my husband comes home from work (for childcare reasons), and by then the tornado siren was going off in Northfield and the sky was turning purple in a matter of seconds! CRAZY! But even before that I was thinking "no way can I run in that wind!" You are a superstar!

Sarah (Fat Little Legs) said...

The wind really sucked yesterday. So good for you for still going. Luckily I got my run in at 5:15 am! Running is new to me... I have only been at it for 8 weeks now. What do I have new this year? Well... I just ran my first 5k ever last weekend!! And... I'm planning on running in the Great Prostate Cancer Challenge in September.

Jennifer said...

I think that way too! During the run I feel like I am going to die...but then as soon as I get home I always think I could have pushed a little more. As for races, I have signed up for my 1st 1/2 marathon on Oct. 10th!!! Eek! I start straining July 5th!

Dr. TriRunner said...

Hey hey! Excited to hear you're TRI training - and this brick was a good step! I've heard good things about the St. Paul tri... I would definitely be there but it's the same weekend as Ragnar!

Regarding going harder: if you're feeling like that more often than not, that's definitely a sign, and it's good you're listening to your body! Instead of kicking it up a notch on *every* run though, I would pick one run a week to start. Tell yourself before you even leave the house that you're giving it 100% today, and by the time you get home, you don't NEED to have anything left! Think QUALITY over quantity for now!

Mary said...

One of my problems is that I am sacrificing my running for teaching group fitness, the classes that I teach and my new schedule aren't leaving me too much time or energy to focus on my goals and amp it up! It is good advice to pick one day a week where I really go all out and work on speed! Even during the tri training I hope to keep up longer runs and pick a few miles in the middle to push it --Quality is the key!

Jennifer--good luck on the half, let me know if you fall in love with the distance!

Sarah! Awesome job on the running! It gets addicting!

Shan: I was actually biking home in the near severe weather, but I missed it all!

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