Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back in Shape 5k Recap

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Saturday's race was a great time, a PR and an emotional experience!

The runners and bloggers: 
(What AM I doing with my face?) Alexa, Jen, & Cindy
We all had very different goals and a few of us were dealing with injury even. It was COLD for June, but we warmed right up, the course which was in a suburb of Minneapolis had 3 pretty challenging hills. 

Jen and I at the start!! 

The runners lined up! Once the race started we were all on our own! We spread out and took aim at our goals and got in our zones. I wasn't sure how I was feeling or whether or not I wanted to try and PR. Then I thought, how horrible is that, I should just give my all and my best and if it's a PR then it is! That took me about 1/4 mile to really decide, luckily by that point I was on my way to the first hill, so I attacked it! 

I was HOT. I had a tummy ache. I was breathing really heavy. 

When I was just a few feet past the one mile marker, the lead male runner came by his 2 mile mark!! They had 4 of the elite runners finish under 15 min!! Amazing. 

There are days when I feel really good, when I run far, fast or am proud of where I am and then I come to races like this and see these amazing men and women running 5 min miles and under and I wonder really just how much I am capable of. I kicked it up a notch even farther after my first mile. 

At the finish line, the pics tell how much of a challenge it was:

Mile 1:  8:16
Mile 2:  16:00
Mile 3:  24:26 -- A Personal Record! (at least for a 5k Race!) 

New goal: keep up with the fast kids at the front of the pack and run a 21 min 5k this year. 

Here is a picture of all of us, including our friend Meghan, a rock star group x instructor,  running through the finish line together--a great testament to true friends. It was a great day, a great race and I am really grateful to have such wonderful friends and  running buddies around me!

Do you race with friends or alone? Have you ever had a really emotional race? Do you track PRs?


Sarah Howard said...

Wow Mary, that is a great time! Nice work. Love that picture of you at the finish line! I'm shooting for less than a half hour at this 5k on June 26. Thinking it should be no problem, but you never know when you run into issues on a run! (sideaches, etc). Nice work to you!

That Pink Girl said...

Woa, way to PR that 5K - you blew through that one! (and look amazing doing it - such joy!)

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