Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bliss Yoga and Social Media

Hello to my new followers, I am so glad to see ya! Leave a comment or send me an email and introduce yourself! Thanks for reading! 

Yesterday, I was so excited to start out my day with an 75 min of Hatha Flow yoga at Bliss Yoga Studio in St. Paul--yes, the other side of the river! It was a great session and Ann Blackburn the instructor asked us before starting if we had problem areas or injuries and focused on helping us move through the session to ease these. 

I was so excited to go and then realized I forgot my bag and mat. I was not happy. Then I was encouraged because I was sure they would have spare mats at the studio! I was correct!! 

Coming into the studio, we had to step down about 3 feet and the room was a really nice size, with all the yoga mats, blankets, straps and blocks in the corner of the room. It was calming with fabric collages hanging on the walls.

Ann led us through the 75 min of stretching and walked around and adjusted us which I LOVE! I have very tight hips (runner-doh!) and my shoulders too tend to round forward from time on the computer and lifting weights as well. As we were resting at the end, we had lavendar eye pillows on and Ann did a little Chi massage on our legs then pressed our shoulders into the ground. I could feel all my muscles release and really relax. 

After the class we went to her house for lunch where I met her daughter and husband! They were SO inviting, having me over for lunch--salad fresh from their backyard (they have my DREAM garden) and then taught me how to use my food processor to make roasted red pepper hummus and set some home with me. 

They're AMAZING people to invite me over and treat me like an old friend. 

Ann and I talked Social Media for our own ventures.

We talked branding, names, how often to update our social sites like this blog, facebook and twitter. I know that some companies and even individuals put a lot of time and effort into their social media presence and their brand-- Do you? 

Personally I want to portray myself off as genuine and realistic, but never as negative. Not that there aren't challenges in my life, I blogged about those just the other day. But Fit this, Girl's brand is bright, positive & realistic even in the light of the struggles of this world. 

I have my color (PINK YO!!), my amazing logo, a certain way I always layout my posts and the way I talk to you all: Faith filled and realistic, encouraging others to be their best as I strive upward at the same time! Logo's, colors and a consistent presence are important, but being REAL is more so in succeeding at helping people connect with your brand & who you are. 

Speaking of bright, I FINALLY bought a stopwatch, a brilliant PINK, $7 gem at the suggestion of a friend and have already used it to time my tempo run yesterday. I LOVED it. I had been holding out for a Garmin or Polar to track milage and heartrate, but I know the milage of the lakes I run, so as long as I have an accurate time, I can get an average pace. 

I will be using it to time my girls in Boot-camp class too--watch out, Sergeant Sailors is in the HOUSE this morning! 

What do you use when you run? Stopwatch? HRM? Other or nothing?? Have a bright day!! 


Megan said...

So fun to read this! And that's EXACTLY why I like reading -- positive and realisting writing from you!

Love the new watch, too. I always wear my Timex Ironman watch/chrono to get my splits when I run. I'd feel lost without being able to check my time. I don't feel like I need a Garmin or anything. I know the routes around my house pretty well, and if I'm going out anywhere different, I look at it on Google maps first, then drive it to make sure the sidewalks are adequate, etc (my husband laughs that this proves I'm a true engineer -- looking at maps and then doing field recon before even venturing out!)

Have a great day!!!

KatDoesDiets said...

You've given me a lot to think about here. I know I need to think more about branding and social media. Now, I sort of just fly by the seat of my pants. I especially like where you said, "never as negative". I want that too. I think I've slipped up on that a little, need to work at it more. I want to give people hope! LOVE the pink watch. I run with a Nike+

Cheryl S. said...

I've always been very big on being real on my blog and in social media, and that sometimes does necessitate talking about our challenges. However, just dumping everything out doesn't really help anyone...I've always appreciated your style...taking the time to process the cloudy sky a bit, then offering insights from that processing, a takeaway for the reader, something to ponder, the silver lining, something to hope for!

Your pink watch is so fun and adorable, and you simply cannot beat $7!!

andreaberg said...

I had such a bad experience the one time I did yoga I am scared to try it again. My hamstrings are so tight and I aparently was in a Hot Yoga class and they didn't help me as it was my first time and did I mention it was hot.

But I am intrigued and so many people love yoga. I don't know what to do. I have PTSD for Yoga.

That Pink Girl said...

Love love love the hot pink watch!

Mary said...

Thanks so much for the comments you guys, it can be a struggle to keep the blogs on the up and up, we are all human and get down, but we do a good job!

Andrea--SO too bad about the yoga, I have heard that HOT yoga can be deceiving too since you get so limber and have to be very careful!

Betsy said...
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Betsy said...

You do well with your brand and blog. My husband and I realized our strength is not on the branding selling side so we leave advertising in any form to the distributers. They do what they do best; we do what we do best. Sometimes knowing your limitations helps.

You come across as real and I love the REAL part. I love your positive yet realistic attitude. There are lots of ways to health, balance and happiness in life and you seem to be finding and motivating others to do the same. Nice.

Have to add love yoga when I can squeeze in a class and love it when I get into a”hands on” class.

Betsy said...

Happy trail running & have fun tomorrow!

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