Friday, June 11, 2010

Chester Woods 10 Mile RECAP

Happy Friday Friends!!  I have missed blogging this week! Man-O-Man!

Here is my Chester Woods 10 mile Recap! 
I didn't sleep that great before, I was too excited and couldn't stop yammering! Mom and I were up early the next morning and I had a quick little breakfast to keep my tummy full and give me a boost! Toast with honey, chia and a banana! 

Mom and I in the kitchen before we left! I don't think Mom has ever seen me get up so early in her house!! 

When we got there, I saw Renee from Renee's Ramblings! She is a avid runner and blogger in Rochester and I recognized her right away, It was so cool to meet her in person. I even got a cookie from her at the end of the race! 

There were only 91 people running the 10 mile trail race, and about 74 running a 5k which started about 30 minutes after we did! 

I was rockin' the Pearl Izumi's and my one dollar Nike Dry Fit running capri's! I snagged a BUNCH of cute fitness clothes at the thrift store dollar sale! Ok, sorry, that's irrelevant to the race! I will be doing a review of these shoes next week! 

The air was actually really muggy, we had no rain, so no mud thank goodness, but there was very little breeze too. Being sheltered on the trails, in the muggyness, with no breeze and heavy air made me feel like I ran for 3 miles before even reaching a steady state. It was HARD. 

Plus the first number of miles were on horse trails which are more deceitful in their appearance than are regular trails I think. There are bigger holes that are covered up with grass and although regular trails and horse trails may be the same as far as terrain, you can see what your getting on a regular trail. SO, the first 3 miles or so where bumpy, unpredicted, hot and hard to breathe, but I pushed through telling myself that I would hit that sweet spot and  I did! 

I chased this girl nearly the whole race and I caught her--twice! (which of course means I lost her once too!) 

I felt really good around miles 5-6-7 and 8 which usually happens to me. I get a second wind, I feel light and have found my happy place, happy pace etc. I popped a Gu REALLY early, around mile 6 or so and munched on some dried Papaya spears for energy!
Smiling for the camera at mile 10ish, right before I see the huge hill!

Miles 9-10-11 were filled with some hills, as to be expected in a trail race, but I was confident in my training that I had prepared I started adding hills into my running! It definitely helped, but the magnitude of 2 of the hills doesn't match anything I have around me to practice on. I say magnitude because with in the last 2 miles there were 2 huge hills, one short and steep one coming up and turning into the finish! I didn't get pictures, but they will forever live in my memory and I will get pictures next year! 

Coming across the finish line, I was trying to beat the clock and reeling from the hill and the heat! I actually beat my 10 mile PR and came in at 129:58!

51 out of 92 total, so I was right in the middle! I was really happy with that time and performance! It was a good race and like any race, the challenge was coming through, finishing and beating the clock. But I ran it to have fun too, having never done an official trail race, other than running when I go camping!  

I also got to see my old High School friend Casey, who ran! This was the longest he has ever run AND it was his birthday, he is such a fun guy and it was SO great to see him again--keep it up!! 

I will definitely be doing more trail races and going back to Chester to do this race again, I loved it! 

Do you have a favorite race that you do every year?  


Betsy said...

Sounds like it was an awesome day! I may try and do a couple half marathons before years end (no favorites...yet). No time to train for full one now. So much has happened and so happy just to be able to think about this again. Actually this could go under your barrier post. Continuing, working though and overcoming still, but then that’s life, getting through “cause stuff is going to happen.” I am learning it’s really about how we handle it. Thanks for sharing. Love reading your blog for motivation and inspiration.

Heather @ Side of Sneakers said...

Congrats girl!! You kicked some serious butt!! I love when a race is so good that you already know you want to go back next year :)

Dr. TriRunner said...

Great race report, and awesome photos!! If you need some suggestions for Minneapolis hill training... haha I can hook ya' up. I ran XC and track for Washburn high school (back in the day... ;) ) and we used to do hill repeats on this section of W. 49th street right off of Minihaha Pkwy. But there are some other good ones to do repeat work on around town too...!

TWO favorite races: the Monster Dash Half, and the Urban Wildland Half.

I'm considering a trail race though..! Moose Mountain Marathon up in the Lutsen area. I'd do it just for the name!! Haha they better have sweet shirts!

The Curvy Life said...

YAY! I knew you could do it! Glad you did so well too!! Keep up the good work!!


Stela said...

If one can continue like this, it maybe very easy to become perfect and fit in few days.

KK @ Running Through Life said...

CONGRATS!!! Awesome time and it looks like such a beautiful course!!!

Darby said...

Great job on your first trail race! Do you think you will ever try an Ultra?

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