Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Farmers Market, Salad & eating at home

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I have been letting my busy life get in the way of eating right and really being mindful about my nutrition. I have said before, I am not a food blogger, posting everything I eat, and I am GLAD, it would be shameful to show you how poorly I have been munching. Not that I have been hitting up the fast food joints, but I have skipped breakfast and hit up Subway a few more times than I would like. 

I need to get back to my roots and my greens, So i decided to hit up the 
Farmers Market! 

Tired and sneaky, heading out to the Thursday Farmers Market! 

The farmers Market is downtown Minneapolis on Thursday afternoons and was always a great way to spend lunch breaks when I was a receptionist working in the bustling city! Minneapolis has a great downtown area, it is near a pretty city park and Nicollet Ave. or Eat Street which is lined with great places to grab a bite! 

I was after greens for sure and some fruit for straight up snacks. There is SO much to choose from at the Farmers Market!! I know that some of what they have shipped in, isn't in season or is about ready to be over ripe, but it's usually a great deal and FUN! 

The loot: Beans, peas, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, peppers, peaches and pears= eleven dollars! 

I was aiming for a salad right away and whipped out my Brianna's poppy seed dressing!  Just a table spoon is sweet enough and light enough to coat a small salad and it is SO great with fruit...so..... 

I grilled up a peach, tossed lettuce, broccoli, golden raisins, pumpkin seeds with the poppy seed dressing and a dash of Turmeric for a fragrant and light salad. I LOVED the grilled peaches!

On a rooftop garden update, the greens are off the HOOK: 

Soon, very soon, I won't be hitting the farmers market for my veggie needs!! 
But I am planning on cooking and eating at home this week. And the weeks to come! Everyone has the same amount of time in the day and we use it for something, so I just need to make it a priority to buy and make good food at home. 

1) In the long run it's cheaper than grabbing something "on the go." 
2) I am in control of what goes in the dishes and salads I make  
3) I can feel better about my food choices and being deliberate about my health
4) It's good to have structure and HAVE to plan and make my food. 
5) With my fitness levels and goals, I should be viewing my food as fuel more than I have
6) Even organic or healthy versions of processed foods are still processed. Getting back to whatever is closest to God & Garden. 

How many times on this blog have I came back and back around again to eating healthy, adding more veggies and upping the water? 


Unhealthy eating doesn't always look like a big fat burger the size of your head. 

I really got this in the mail and was so grossed out by it! 

Sometimes it looks like too much processed food, too many "healthy choice", "smart ones", too many trips to the deli even if it's organic! This is why it's always a journey, because if we fall of the plan or the wagon for a day, a week or a month, we all have to reset and come back to square one. No shame in staring over, this journey begins with a single step! 

How do you know when you need to come back to square one of healthy eating? 


Julie said...

Hi Mary,
I am a huge fan of the Minneapolis Farmer's Market! We try to go every other weekend! We have a Market in Maple Grove on Thursdays but it just doesn't seem as good as the huge one in Minneapolis:) We make a morning of it...taking our time to enjoy the atmosphere and the different cultures! Great post!

Cheryl S. said...

We hit it up on Saturday...love it there. I know its time to turn this ship around when I don't sleep well or feel lethargic during the day. I can't get away with lazy eating anymore!! I'm kind of glad, keeps me honest and on track. And, I always take my vitamins, it's like the cheapest wellness insurance around!

Sounds like my Brianna's Poppy Seed Dressing secret is out of the bag!! Oh no, I better stock up!

Alexa said...

Next time you come downtown for the Farmer's Market let me know, I'd love to come join you!!

Carly said...

I need to hit that Farmer's Market on Thursday. I wasn't sure if it was running yet.

The Curvy Life said...

I never ge tot the Farmer's Market during the week- but I love it on Saturday AMs... this weekend I will be there for sure!

I have been eating BADLY! McDOnald's badly!!! UGH! I SO need to get to the grocery store tomorrow so I can eat right!

I can feel it in my body- I am sluggish and more tired than I shoudl be when I do not eat right...

Tomorrow it is FISH and Veggies or BUST!!!


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