Thursday, June 17, 2010

Forced rest days

I am TIRED this week! I think my busy schedule is catching up with me right about now. Tuesday afternoon I had so much to do and was well on my way, but I didn't make a to do list, so I floundered a bit! I ended up heading out for a 5 mile run and doing about 2 because I turned around when I was called in early to a job I am doing! 

I struggle a bit when I have a workout get cut short or when they don't pan out the way you want them to. I always feel like i need to have a "do over" or even tack it on the next days milage or workout. I polled my FB followers on what they ( YOU guys!) when you have a workout missed or that didn't go as planned and here is what you said: 

So many people said they let it go. I find that hard to do! But as Tuesday  was coming to a close, I felt more run down than usual and knew I wouldn't get that make up work out in! I was experiencing some under the weather feelings, cancelled an early morning meeting/workout and took an unplanned rest filled with V8, green monsters and a lot of WATER! 

Something I didn't plan on when I moved into being a fitness professional was having to fit in your own rest days when you are teaching classes and always on the go. A lot of times, I double up my workout with my classes I teach or I don't  get my actual workout in, then end up relying on the classes. Then when I DO have a day "off" I still don't rest my body, I do what I want to do and it caught up with me for sure.  

Next time I take a rest day, I really hope it looks something like this: 

Do you take the rest days you are supposed to? Does your body ever force you into rest? It's almost FRIDAY which means fun and SUN and a RAFFLE Winner chosen!! 


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I rarely, if ever, plan a rest day. I find that Life generally schedules me one every so often. My fear is that I would take an "official" rest day, then the next day an unexpected meeting or sick child or whatever would hit the next day and then I'm off the rails...

Yesterday I did a brisk hour-long walk on the treadmill. I consider that to be my "rest" day.

Megan said...

I try to plan my rest days for when I have to take the girls to an activity -- ie, I don't work out on Tuesday evenings now because I take Katie to ballet class. Then I have something that I'm doing instead where I don't feel bad about not working out at that time.

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