Monday, June 28, 2010

How I feel when I DON't work out

Happy Monday folks! I am glad to say that I am feeling MUCH better this week and had a great long weekend with my Mom, we did a lot of hanging out, I worked, we worked out and went to a lot of church, there was a 5 day conference here in Minneapolis! It was a FABulous weekend! 

Because of the fact that I was sick, studying and had 3 training's last week, my running was suffering! I hadn't ran in a week! This can mean two things for me: one, it was an unexpected rest and I will feel rejuvenated and ready to go or two: I will feel like I am struggling and that the "break" was too long, even if I couldn't help it. 

Thankfully, I felt great on my run, hammered out a quick 5 miles on Sunday after 9 days off (!!) Other than being sick and then well, and busy and then frazzled, HOW do I feel when I DON'T workout? 

Well, crappy!  When I don't workout
I am restless-my muscles ache
My joints hurt (this is a big one) 
I feel stressed 
I tend to overeat
I am OVER tired

It's interesting the signs that pop up when we DON't workout. Things we may not notice the first few days, but after three or four start to wonder: why did I snap at my co-worker, why am I STILL tired! For me, anytime I start to feel pain or aches in my joints--knees, hips etc, It is a signal to me to get a workout in.  When my knee's felt a little off on Saturday, I knew I was due for a workout! 

I ran in my new running skirt from Running Skirts dot com. I LOVE it so far, it's cute, it's comfortable and light weight and best of all it was on sale, I treated myself to it last week! 

Underneath? Little running shorts, but the skirt didn't come up or even show these as I was running, it is better than compression shorts that ride up! 

It was a weekend of cooking, I will post a few fun recipes later this week, but for now, wanted to show you our twin omelets for Sunday Brunch! YUM! 

I LOVE my omelet pans--you put a little of the egg in each side, cook till nearly done with your ingredients, then close the pan and let the two sides meld.

 I have four total, so you can have an omelet bar for 4 people at once! We added: Broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, mushroom, mozzarella and basil! (Mom had green peppers too, but not me!) 

PURRFectly golden brown and awesome! Mine was a bit of a casualty, but good nonetheless. 

How do you feel when YOU don't work out, How long do you rest between workouts during the week? Thanks for reading and have a great MONDAY! 


sunflowerramos said...

Ha! This post is perfect as I slept in today (after working out continuously for 10 days). While I feel good that I did sleep in, I still feel crappy.
So I decided instead of making this day waste away with no working out, I am dragging the hubby to go for a post dinner walk tonight.
Plus, I am very crabby and irritable today too. Boo.

Cheryl S. said...

When I don't work out I get depressed....the first day or two I get like you, antsy, on edge, then the depression sets in if I don't respond, ugh. I have been off exercise for several weeks now, partly due to docs orders and partly because I am being stubborn! {I don't wanna go to the basement and ride that God-awful exercise bike!}

Last night right before I dropped off to sleep I realized I needed to get a grip, a serious grip on this. So, I'm loading up my iPod with some inspiring upbeat tunes, and hittin' it. No more heal diggin'!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

whew -- so glad you finally got a run in! Those weeks are hard, because I have one side of the brain calming me down and saying "Life happens" and the other side that is freakin' out, saying "gotta work out, gotta work out!"

Next Sunday, can I come over for breakfast? I'll bring own omelet fixings...

Mellissa said...

I get workout guilt bad, but I know I need to listen to my body and take rest when I need it.

Where do you get omelet pans?

teacherwoman said...

Oh girl, I usually feel like crap when I don't get my workouts in, mostly because I feel guilty, but sometimes because it's what I need when I am feeling stressed or a little under the weather.

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