Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kale Chips & Sunshine

Hi everyone! Hope your week is moving right along and going well, mine is for sure! I am feeling blessed and taking on new challenges daily, but with joy and a sense of adventure! 

One of the weekend adventures I had was trying Kale chips! I gathered a  big handful from my rooftop deck garden (which is pretty much rockin'!) and set off to see what all the buzz is about! 

I tore up my 2 cups of kale and tossed it with one table spoon, Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil, which I won from Angie Bee!

Then I sprinkled all of them with sea salt and half with red pepper, those were spic-ay!! Don't judge my nasty pan either, it's the only one I use to roast things on and it's nearly black, but works! I am sure that everyone has a secret nasty pan that works wonders. 

Kale is off the chart in Vitamin's K, A, E and fiber! It is high in beta carotene, antioxidants and is one of the best natural tools in preventing many cancers. Eat Kale, Love life, be healthy! 

I made two batches, the first I baked for 8 min at 375 and it was TOO long. The recipe called for 10 min and I am glad I didn't leave them in that long. I baked up my second batch at 375 for 5 minutes and they came out brown AND green! They were crunchy and very flavorful, and the red pepper added a great kick! 

I will be making them again for sure, but need more kale since it shrunk up more than expected, but it was easy and healthy!  

On a side note, I drank in some of the MN summer sun and it was Fantabulous!!! I know I shouldn't be laying out, but I just LOVE it. I do slather on the sunscreen so I feel like I can enjoy myself, read, drink in the Vitamin D and still even out some tan lines. I am a sun bunny, I admit.  I granted myself 2 hours to just relax and do what I wanted which included this.  Lately, I haven't been taking too much time to just relax and BE. 

Here are 3 wonderful things that have ALREADY happened this week: 
  1. an additional opportunity where I already work
  2. Wanting to join a bible study and finding one THAT day that is studying a book I already have
  3. Finding a Triathlon specific swimming class at my YMCA.  BAM. Blessings are overtaking us! 

 Thanks to Angie Bee for the Coconut oil winnings and be sure and check out her sweet giveaway-a Nuu Muu Dress!

Do you use coconut oil--what is your favorite dish to create with it? Have you made the KALE chips? Verdict? 


KatDoesDiets said...

"BAM Blessings are overtaking us" Couldn't have said it better, that's how I feel lately too. And why the heck not?! I'm thinking of searching out an online bible study, I live in such a small town and don't want to drive/find a sitter, etc. Although I think online would be less social, OK, rambling!

Cheryl S. said...

I've never used coconut oil, but think I'll give it a try next time I'm shopping for oils. My friend Heidi, who writes a blog called Destination-Skinny served me kale chips for the first time several months back and they ARE tasty!!

I'm also glad you are taking more time to just BE...and with so many great opportunities coming your way, too! I sometimes think that opportunities come like that for all of us, but we're just not paying attention!

desi cration said...

I have used coconut oil to make homemade aluminum-free deodorant but I haven't cooked with it yet.

Kale chips are a HUGE hit in our house. Since they require baking they're only a winter treat down here in Texas. I wonder if they could be grilled somehow.

fitfunandfabulous said...

Never tried them but they look good!

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