Monday, June 28, 2010

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear...

Remember WAY long time ago when my former co-worker James and I went to the Get Motivated Seminar -- you can read the recap here-- well, that day we talked about a project that I wanted to work on someday. It was an idea for a business of my own, an idea that had been in my head for OVER four years, but was always on the back burner. 

It was something that I thought was in the future and not for the present. It was an idea that started with wanting to help people overcome, to give people hope, strength & value. It started with that desire and then it gained a name and a vision: Temple Training & Fitness.

There is SO much to the vision, but the basis is my personal training business. James and I talked about how it wasn't as hard as I thought and that it was a very real option for me. I was saying, yeah, yeah someday I will, but I can't right now. James said, "You know this is a lot like the message on side mirrors: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear." I nearly cried. That was May 28th. Exactly ONE month and I have officially started it. Whew

I created a rough website, hung flyers, got insurance and created a vision and mission statement. 

I have created a plan and am stepping out in faith AGAIN--I am so excited for it!! SO, if you're local and you are looking to talk to someone about personal training that you know has been through the journey, drop me a line, I am running a friends and family (and blog readers, and acquaintances and FB what-nots!) special for the months of July and August! I also just wanted to mention that OVER four years ago when I was dabbling with fitness and training thoughts for a career, I was gifted the name of the business and I WROTE it DOWN! That is key, because when we write down our goals and visions, we are 70% more likely to achieve them. I didn't write anything but the name, but it was enough. 

Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision the people perish.  

On a different note, I bought kettlebells and they are blue and PINK! Weee! I love me some pink workout gear. Now I have to put them to some good use! Check out this kettlebell basics workout below, it's a good explanation! 

Have you used kettlebells? Do you love em? 


Miz said...

three cheers for stepping out in faith!!
lately Ive been reminding myself that I CAN NOT DIG UP IN DOUBT WHAT I PLANTED IN FAITH----so I share that with you too :)

loving the kettlebells,


Megan said...

I love it! Checked out your new web site and it looks great. Too bad I don't live closer or I'd sign up!

Shan said...

OMG, this makes me think about my rough idea to start my own women's wellness coaching practice! I'm a psychologist and used to have a private (therapy) practice (in your neighborhood, Mary!), which I closed when my 2nd daughter was born. Since then I've done very part-time, limited wellness consulting and coaching, when the opportunity arose. But I have not seriously pursued any way to make this a real business for myself, even though I keep thinking about it as an idea for a return to a career when my girls are both in school. I need the income, I have the SKILLS and expertise and experience, and have always worked well with clients and been well-liked as a practitioner, so I know I could do this. But the details and doubt trip me up. I love this idea of taking the leap!

Shan said...

Mary, after I left this comment I went and checked your website and saw the part about healthy lifestyle coaching coming soon! Exactly what I want to do. I would love to hear how this goes for you as you move forward. Good luck and keep us posted!!!

Mon said...

Congrats on the start of your business! That is incredible!

Yes, I am a kettlebell user, although I tend to just stick with some of the most basic workouts - some people do crazy workouts with them! At first I hated them, but now they have really grown on me. It is such a total body workout and you can do so much with just one piece of equipment. My favorite, squat to row. :)

Lindsay, another priorfatgirl said...

Congrats girl! That's so exciting!!!

And Kettlebells... LOVE them! I took a kettlebell class when I was a member at the Y - holy cow, what a workout! I miss it!

fitfunandfabulous said...

Never used kettlebells. I'm afraid I'm going to hit myself in the face swinging them around like that.

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