Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Official Pearl Izumi Review

A while back, Pearl Izumi sent me a pair of trail running shoes, their newest model, the Syncrofuel XC. I ran in them in preparation for my ten mile Chester Woods Trail Race

They are very light weight, yet sturdy and durable. They are engineered for pronation control and traction. I really enjoy running in them on the road as well as during my trail race. I tried them on the road, because the reps at Pearl Izumi said they liked them for regular running shoes also. 

They have great traction and control of my foot and ankle while at the same time molding well through the trail terrain. I have been moving to a more minimal running style, but wanted to try these for my race since my feet aren't ready to take on a trail race in my minimalist kicks. 

The toe of the shoe is high to protect us on the trails, but are roomy and allow for our toes to move and not feel constricted. They feel free without the rest of my foot feeling unstable.  

I think that they came up a little high around the ankles, but I am used to my current, non-trail, running shoes which come down very low. It didn't bother me, but took a bit of getting used to especially since I was switching back and forth between shoes. 

I really like the Pearl Izumi's, more than other trail running shoes I have tried! They are just malleable enough to be great road race shoes or on the trails. 

are light weight
are stabilizing
they have great traction
they are comfortable and didn't take much breaking in.  

PLUS, the afternoon of my trail race I was flipping through a free copy of Trail Runner Magazine they handed out at the race and guess what I saw... 

The Syncrofuel XC was voted Editors Choice for the best racer!! I agree, that's why I did so well on my race! A HUGE thank you to Pearl Izumi for your great racers and for the chance to run in them and review them!! 

I had a half marathon on my race list for July, but think I will have to pass on that one. I may be doing some pacing for a MN pacing team in the near future and will be focusing on my Triathlon training!! 

What is your favorite shoe you have taken on a test run? Do you venture out and try new shoes or stick with the same brand and style? 


teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a great set of shoes!

I haven't strayed away from my Brooks Trance shoes for a while now. :)

Tricia said...

great review!

katdoesdiets said...

I've been thinking of trying my hand, or feet, lol, at some trail races, maybe next spring...these look awesome. I often get in a shoe rut, but having a blog and companies willing to send me some to try has gotten me out of that. I'm loving trying new shoes!
Great review...your pics make them look way cuter than the ads I've seen.

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