Monday, June 7, 2010

Race Announcement: Honolulu Marathon!

OK, so for my race announcement! 
It's more than just a race-- it's more of a journey, it's about relationships, it's about giving back and you will get to help me along the way! 

I am signed up with a team of 30 runners, raising money for Bolder Options and running the Honolulu Marathon in December! 

Bolder Options is a running and biking mentor-ship in the Twin Cities & Rochester Minnesota where mentors are matched up with at risk youth to spend time with them, running, biking, learning about nutrition, goal setting and helping to shape their lives over the course of one year. 

I was a mentor last year and it was such a valuable experience for ME as well as for the girl I was matched with. 

In the running program we have to run 3 5k's over the year we are together, here we are at our last race, the rebels dressed like punk rockers with matching shirts! 

Our goal as a team is $3,500 per runner, the amount needed to help put one child through the program for one year. 

That's only $26.20 from 135 people! 

For me it's not about donating to a child who I don't know or won't ever see. 

It's about the kids that I see when I walk to get a coffee, it's about the girl I see outside my building at the bus stop, it's about the boy that will grow up to be either running the country or running away from life!! 

Real kids, in our communities, with names, with value, 
with dreams and with a real need. 

 Have you ever volunteered your time to work with kids? For me, spending time with Jewel helped me in my own life.
  • I faced my fears
  • I broke stereo types
  • I connected with a kid a lot like me (!)
  • I learned the value of giving of myself without wanting in return
  • I learned that investing in kids makes you rich

But I can only accomplish this goal with YOUR help! Click here to see my fund-raising page and make a donation of ANY size!  

I will be talking about my training and how this decision plays out with my current goals and career move too, so over the next 6 months there will be a lot of aloha spirit posting happening! 

ALSO, I am going to be offering a bunch of great raffles over the next few months to raise money & you DON'T want to miss the one I am starting out with later this week, it is HUGE, so check back!!

Have you donated your time to youth? 
Have you done fundraising for a cause you are passionate about? 


Tricia said...

sounds like a great cause to be involved with

bethtrue said...

Mary - wow that sounds awesome! I am definitely going to donate to the cause! The marathon will be amazing!

Dr. TriRunner said...

that is so AWESOME!! one of my friends did that last year (or the year before?) when the marathon was in Greece!! If you've been a part of Bolder Options for a while you might know her.. Marie?

I wish *so badly* I could participate with Bolder Options!! But for whatever reason the have the 21 plus rule. Do you know what that's all about?!?!

Either way - awesome!

Megan said...

How exciting! I know once you said you had a goal of running a destination marathon, and you are really going all-out. Honolulu will be awesome! And all for a great cause. :)

Julie said...

Good for you Mary! THis is wonderful news:) I would love to be able to do a marathon in Honolulu:) You will have a blast and create so many awesome memories!

I love the look fantastic:) I also really like the new picture of you that comes up with your comments...looking good Mary!

Samantha said...

Good for you girl! YOU ARE AWESOME and this sounds like an amazing cause! :-) I can't wait to read more about it!

I raised over $10,000 with a team of 5 people for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. We walked 39.3 miles over a weekend and I can honestly say that it was life-changing. I recommend that anyone who hasn't commit a cause they care about and do what they can to help. It's an incredible feeling and SO worth it in the end.

Thank you for sharing your passionate attitude with us. :-)

Betsy said...

Nothing like volunteering for a cause you believe in. I have been involved in many. There must be 10,000+ ways to volunteer, donate, raise money …make a difference. Awesome that you found a good fit! Love your new picture too!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Mary - what an amazing heart you have! You are a true inspiration because, you talk the talk and walk the walk. I know sometimes you struggle but please know that you are so strong in so many different ways.

My Life and Running said...

You are so inspiring!

Mary (A Merry Life) said...

That sounds like a really awesome cause. I hope you raise more than that amount!

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