Friday, June 4, 2010

Ready for Race day: Chester Woods 10 mile

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I am all set for my race tomorrow! It is my first official TRAIL RACE and I am SO excited. It's the Chester Woods 10 mile Trail run. I packed my clothes and some snacks for the race--I am bringing trusty dried papaya spears, golden raisins, Chia, a pack of Gu, hydration belt and my trusty heart covered race hat incase of rain.  I also have pants for after and 2 different tops incase! 

I am going to do an official, official review of my Pearl Izumi's after the race, but home they don't get covered guessed it: MUD. There is a 40 % chance of rain, but I am hoping for 60% AWESOME for the run. 

Shoes and FitSok's Ready, aim, RUN! 

Since I am heading home to God's country in Southern Minnesota, I am bringing my sweet Coolibar shade hat, and plan to rock it in the car on the way down and back, but no country music for this small town girl! 

For a slightly different LOOK, I got my headshot back from Little Bean Photography! A number of Minneapolis bloggers came together a while back and had a networking day (you can read the recap of that weekend HERE!) where we mingled, met, ate and drank and got our photo's taken! Mine turned out good... 

Thank you SO much Ellissa, you are an amazing woman! 

Ok, back to business. My 10 mile PR is 1:35, and I know I am close if not under that based on the last half marathon I ran. Since running trails and possibly in the rain will take more effort and time than a road race, I am shooting for: 

 1:49 officially, 1:45 unofficially. 

In all honesty, I am just excited to run and a time goal is just a minor goal for tomorrow. I want to finish in one piece and have fun! Recap will come early next week.

 Have a wonderful weekend and HAPPY Trails!! 


Running Diva Mom said...

Good luck, Mary You will do awesome! I lvoe 10 mile races and half marathons. They are a decent distance, but not too much. Good luck with the weather and I love the pile of your gear for the race -- thos photos always make me happy. Your head shot looks great -- what an awesome idea that you guys got together and got those taken.

Dr. TriRunner said...

Ok, first of all, you look AWESOME in that head shot!! I cant testify to your smile in person, but it looks so genuine! :)

Secondly, good luck/have a blast at your race tomorrow! I'm also praying for no rain since I'm racing too. Scratch that... it can rain, just let it be after like 11:00.

And THIRD, I don't know if I've ever comment before?! But if I haven't, HI, and I don't know what took me so long! We actually live kind of in the same hood, and some of your photos are from my work (Tin Fish)! Sorry for lurking for so long. Hope to meet you at one of the BlogPantry events soon!


Chari said...

LOVE your new picture!
Good luck and have fun tomorrow! I'm doing a 5k and I'm wishing we could trade weather. The low is 75 and high 97! ack!

Megan said...

good luck! can't wait to hear the race recap. :)

Alexa said...

What a beautiful picture! You are so naturally photogenic. =)

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