Friday, June 25, 2010

Studying, consistency and gelato

Not a very creative title, but it's Friday, my brain has checked out for the weekend already!

This past week I was studying a unique set of exercises for a special resistance training machine called the G-werks machine! I am working toward a certification to be a G-werks  trainer and be able to run group classes even! G-werks is like having ALL of the fitness center machines in one. So I am learning all the exercises you can do and how to manipulate and set up the machine. 

Flashcards!! I love flash cards, not only do I get to take notes in an organized way, but I can easily flip back through them, associate the name of the exercise with what it is and on the back, list all the muscles used and the variations of the exercise. 

I took a break and painted my nails bright orange for fun!! 

Studying is hard work, like lifting! Ever since becoming a fitness professional, I have learned that I will be studying the rest of my life! The more I learn, the less I see that I know. The industry is also changing constantly and rapidly, so I am learning constantly! 

The key to being an overcomer and successful in all we do is taking the truth that we know and making a life from it! We study, we learn truths and we apply them, if we apply them consistently and overtime, that is when we see a difference. Anyone can do something for one day or one week, but if we take what we learn, integrate it into our life, form a habit and are consistent then we will be effective and successful. 

LIke that little water drip that carves out ROCK over time and with persistence. When we study something and are consistent about applying it-- when we learn about ourselves, when we learn about our passion, about our God, then what we learn can be woven into our life.  Through study we can show our selves as experts in what we know, because not only have we studied, read, and learned but we are living it as well

  • I know the truth of prayer, I live it. 
  • I know the truth of strength training, I feel it this morning. 
  • I know the truth of consistacny, it helped me lose 30 pounds, it helped me find my own worth, it helps me walk in love. 

I know the truth of studying and applying what I learn, even this week I have learned so much.

Mom and I living it up at church on Thursday night! The sermon was on consistency and persistence... It was really good. :) 

Then we went out for Gelato!! Mom had never had gelato at Jacksons!! I
 LOVE it so much, plus it is lower fat than Ice Cream. 

In order to be considered Ice Cream, it has to have MORE than 16% milk fat, gelato by definition has to have LESS than 8%. The BEST part is that when you take a bite of mango gelato, it tastes like a REAL mango! YUM! 

I got green tea and black chocolate! 

Today, Mom and I are going to do some hanging out, hit the gym and then have another meeting at church tonight, its a weekend FULL of fun! 


teacherwoman said...

That gelato sounds so yummy! I have never had gelato before!

Cheryl S. said...

Faith comes in when we've reached our when you've studied all you can, have applied what you know and have been consistently consistent, its time to trust the one who has absolutely NO limits!

On a lighter note, gelato is amazing! We had our first serving in Door County two years ago. Didn't know it was served right here at home!

Megan said...

Great post, and I always love seeing your mom in there! Looks like you two have so much fun together. :)

Meghan said...

Yum and cool about the G-werks, i have always wanted to try it! I hope you write more about it.

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