Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You are more capable than you know.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!!  It is SO important to really look back on Memorial Day, be thankful and remember all the people, men and women who sacrificed for our freedoms. Thanks to everyone who served!! 

After two FULL days off of running, group ex and lifting of any kind, I took off for a really nice and easy 7.5 miles and I felt great! Monday was cooler than normal and a bit breezy, the lakes were packed, but it was a perfect afternoon for a run! 

 I also was chanelling Brandi-Chastain and decided to just run in my sports bra! I will tell you guys, this is as close as you will ever see me doing an exposed post! 

Before my 7.5 miles and a little nervous... click to read it all!

Over the weekend I was confronted by a few facts about what I THINK I am capable of and what I EXPECT from myself.  Let me tell you: 

Long ago in the world of Admin Assistants, I was dealing with low self esteem and residual problems from my past (personal and professional) where I didn't think I was a very capable woman. I had someone confront me one day on the job and literally tell me: 

"Who was it that told you, you weren't capable? You are more capable than you think." 

It was a bit of a wake up call, I searched my past and found that the root of that feeling (mediocre, insecure, less than) was not TRUE at all! 

Some of that has still carried over into my life today! Just last week while walking a friend through a guinea pig training session, he challenged ME to a load on the leg press, I didn't think I could do -- and I did it. Then he said, you can do 10, it's only 7 more. Being the competitive person I am, I knocked out those 7 reps and was astounded at myself. 


That timid spirit is something I need to THROW out the window, I can't be bringing that into my training sessions from my own life and I need to be more confident in my self. I am more capable than I think. 

On a similar note, I had a great coffee date with a friend from College and we were talking about relationships. I talked about my life since college and the "dark years" (over drinking, overweight, using food and little to NO self esteem) I went through. 

I talked about how I didn't think the boys I would want to date, would want me. I confided that I was always dating people below me and allowing them to just pull me down, instead of dating people I admired, who were where I wanted to be and allow them to pull me UP. 

In life, when we want to be like someone, we hang around them, we watch how they live, how they operate and relate to others! We WILL become like the people we hang around and the people we follow! 

In the same manor, I am constantly saying I can't run with a few certain friends of mine because they are "too fast" but if I were to start to run with them, challenge myself, push myself and follow them...I would only improve, I would only bring my running UP. It will be hard at first, but worth it and I know now that I am capable!! 

YOU can run faster than you think you can.    

So, that's what I learned this weekend, again. Do you guys keep learning the same lessons over and over? I feel like often I do! This one will stick. I know that in all I do, I can do it to the best of my ability, I can handle far more than I think I can and I will do it to God's glory all the way! Like I say in my "exposed" pic, he is my strength! 

I wanted to send a quick shout out to Mike and Jenn who ran the Stillwater half marathon this weekend and ROCKED it in the heat of the morning, it was their wedding anniversary and their first half marathon!! 

Congrats you guys, you are SO CAPABLE!! 

What have you done that surprises yourself and that you are capable of and didn't realize? Have a great start to your week!! 


Chari said...

I posted about this topic just a few weeks ago! I realized I can run much faster than I think and I'm working hard at this summer.

sunflowerramos said...

Thank you for this. I signed up for a 1/2 marathon (my first one!!) and afterwards, I felt this fear that I could not do it.
I am wrong-I am stronger than I know. I can do this.

Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) said...

What a wonderful post...so good, I am speechless! Thanks!

Margie said...

great post! we ARE stronger than we know! inside and out!

Mary said...

Yes Margie!! Inside and out!! Tonight is proof, I ran 3 miles under 8 min each and rocked the leg press again!

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