Thursday, July 29, 2010

Camping Fun and recap!

Happy Thursday! What a busy week, I am SO excited that my August BOOT Camp is starting this Sunday! It will be a wonderful day with a ton of great people and some serious sweat!! 

Ok, here are some pictures of camping food to drool over... after this weekend I can CONFIRM that I eat better when I am camping than I do at home during the week! Doh! 

BBQ pulled turkey sammie, onions, sweet potato, asparagus

Grilled steak, grilled zucchini, GRILLED corn! 

Co-op chicken, sundried tomato and feta sausage and general tso's chips!

I used my sweet new bamboo silverware set, it worked wonderful all weekend, but I quickly learned that  the knife was better suited to spreading and NOT cutting. Especially things like steak. : ) I hung out with friends at the fire, in the hammock, ate great food, and got goofy with Gigantic marshmallows, made unnecessarily large and crazy smores and general shenanigans. 

Nature rocked the house, we had a very stormy Saturday interspersed with sunshine! 

We went on a number of hikes, one run and one foiled run (where I fell) and the trails were filled with wild flowers, mushrooms and butterflies! Insects too! Yikes!

The whole park was FILLED with red raspberry bushes and I ate them by the juicy handfuls, SO amazing. 

Finally--this is my idea of swimming. A pink two piece, a book, a dock and a sunny afternoon. That's changing, but I still enjoy drinking it in when I can! 

What is YOUR favorite part of camping? Mine is the food and being able to go to bed early and be unplugged! Stinky campfire clothes once home though are SO stinky!! 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The REAL deal: Open water

I did it once and it wasn't pretty. I did it a second time and it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't great. 

It was an open water swim.   

The only thing remotely cool about my first open water swim attempt was that I was the only person on the beach in a full on Tri Suit, complete with butt pads and no bike to get on afterwards! I really dig the suit, and wanted to give it a try. What better place than the lake! 

While camping, our site was about 50 feet from Lake Echo so there was no excuse for not getting in and reminding myself that Triathlon's take place in a lake. 

My first swim didn't go so great. Earlier that morning I set off with 2 friends to do a little trail run and ended up twisting my ankle. It wasn't TOO bad, but it ended up being a bother the rest of the weekend.  STILL, I thought maybe it was an ok idea to go for my first open water swim even with a hurting and slightly swollen ankle. 

Not so much. It hurt a lot and made the attempt to swim WORSE than it would have been. And it was pretty bad. Why? Because I am afraid of deep water, I am afraid of water I can't see into and where I can't touch... that won't go away with 8 weeks of fun little swim lessons in the 4 foot deep water at the Y. Nope. That requires courage and determination on my part and this first swim had none of the sort! 

I joke around about this stuff, but I actually was about in tears. I know I am Mrs. Little ray of sunshine on here and I am in my life too, but this was a lot for one day. For starters, it was hard for me to have fallen and twisted my ankle and not finish my run with my friends. It was also a lot for me to get in the water try swimming period. But when my feet aren't working right, I am facing a deep lake for the first time knowing it's the race in front of me and I am still learning, it was a lot all at once. It was discouraging. I made this little VLOG about it: 

The second attempt, the next day was better. I decided that a body of water was not going to get the best of me, so I suited up again and went to the beach with my friends. This time, my friend Jen swam very close to me and encouraged me as I swam. 

My goal was just to swim out to where I couldn't touch and do laps back and forth between the buoy's.  At one point, I got too close to some weeds and even as I tried to move away, moved into more of them and really started to panic! I got out took a breather and did a little more.
Jen rocks! 

 I spent a total of 9:40 swimming without touching. For me, right now that is a good start, I have a long way to go, but most of what makes me stop in the water is not being tired, but being afraid. 

Things I need to do: 
1) Keep my eyes closed when my face is in the water. When I can see that I can't SEE the bottom, I start to panic, come up and stop. I can wear goggles, but need to not open my eyes under water. 
2) Swim with someone in a canoe next to me in a Minneapolis Lake. Jen said she would swim with me, and I am hoping to have a friend paddle along side me much like the kayakers will be during the tri. 
3) Keep practicing and focus on my next step, not on my failure of today or yesterday. The past is PAST. I can only move forward and focus my energies there. I know I will not fail, because I am trying and stepping out to face a fear. I may not overcome the fear, but if I face it and get THROUGH it, then I have not failed. 

Swimming super hero!

Coming up: some REALLY great moves I learned at swimming lesson #4 and the difference they made! 

Have you done an open water swim? Do you enjoy the lake with a passion or do you just splash around? :) Happy Hump Day! 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Obedience & seeing results!

Word up! I want to take a poll: cat people or dog people? Which are you guys?? 

Dogs have got the obedience gig DOWN, cat's...not so much. Have you ever seen a puppy who was not trained to be obedient? Who gets away with anything? They jump on people, they chew things, they bark, run rampant--no rules and no obedience really makes their life harder because they are constantly being scolded for being naughty dog's when no one took the time to teach them differently. We KNOW that if we teach them, it works. Obedient dogs are happier Dogs. We offer rewards and we see results! The same thing goes for people too. If we do what we should we will be happier. 

Think about the people who go to the gym and stand there, looking at all the machines, wondering what to do! They go to a few curls, they maybe sit on the bike for 30 min with a magazine etc. While all that time, there are people there with their personal trainers going through specific programs. Programs designed specifically for them that we know will work and that will make them happier people. They do the workout a few days on their own and soon, they see results. 

Well, I believe that there is a program specifically designed for us and our lives! There is a destiny and a calling that we are all supposed to be moving towards and don't we want to see results? I know I do! Just like when we work with a trainer because they know what they are doing, we can work with God and his "training" plan to find out what we should be doing and work on it to see the BEST results! 

Simple ways be obedient to God: 
* disclaimer: obedience is not mindless, boring or blind following, it's a challenge and an adventure. Want an adventure, some excitement? Want to see some results in problem area's? Want to take the guess work out? Want to go to the BEST in the business? Give these a shot... :) 

1) Jump in. Read a few verses of the bible everyday. Need to know where to start? Start in the gospel of Matthew. It's riveting and inspiring, plus it stars Jesus and he's the best character. Then go over to psalms and get all pumped up! 10 min is all it takes!   

2) Ask God to help you love him more. Ask God to show you what to do. Ask God to show up in your life. Ask him for obedience. If you ask, he will give. 

3) Get answers: Listen to him. Why is it when we pray we do all the talking and have none of the answers? Tell God what's up ask for his help/guidance etc. then listen. If you get to know him, you will get to know when he answers you, but you have to listen. 

4) Be active. When the bible says to love your neighbor, actively do it and love everyone around you the way God would. The grumpy boss, the weird mailman. You love them first and just watch how God shows up. Don't know what to do? Go back to step #1 and find out! 

When we train the way we are supposed to train, we will see the results we want to see. When we seek after something we WILL find it. We need to be seeking after the right things for the results we want. Don't just go through life standing in the gym looking around wondering what to do next! 

Jump in, ask a trainer, get some answers and be active!
See the results you want! 
I have been practicing these very simple steps and 1) my faith is SO much stronger than before and 2) I am seeing the results I wanted to, I know God has been showing up!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rainy Day workout #3

Happy Monday! Here is hoping everyone had a great weekend and saw my post about BOOT Camp! Remember to email me if your interested, we are starting the first Sunday in August! 

This summer has been unusually stormy here in it where you are?  Man! I am blessed that I have only been caught in the rain on my bike twice! 

SO, in honor of the rainiest, stormiest summer EVAH...a rainy day workout #3!!

Warm up: Running in place with high knees 1 min
running in place with Butt flicks 1 min
30 jumping jacks
10 burpees with pushup

Tricep dips: 15 x 2 sets
Boxing: Right side jabs 15
left side jabs 15

Running in place or jump roping: 3 min fast

arm circles small to large 2 min
Walking pushups: 4 left, 4 middle 4 right

Good luck and enjoy, SOON, I will be posting an update on my first attempt at an open water swim! Triathlon- less than 4 weeks away! 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

LOCAL bootcamp!

An exciting announcement!! 
If you are in the Minneapolis or St. Paul metro area and would like to take part in an outdoor boot camp--you're in LUCK! 

What: Boot camp conditioning with CPT Mary Sailors
Where: Kenwood Park, North side of Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis
When: 7-8 am, every Sunday in August
How much: 15 dollars for all 4 Sunday’s to benefit Bolder Options of Mpls--participants receive 15% off their first personal training package through Temple Training and Fitness
RSVP: (rain location located TBD!) More information will go out the last week in July

I know, I know, it's EARLY, but good things happen in the early mornings! YOU can DO IT! 
Besides in August getting it out of the way in the morning will be cooler and easier! 

My Friend Jenna and I went for an early breakfast this week at a little cafe called the Sunny Side up! Their early bird specials are the bomb, and it's so fun to get up and meet friends! 

I had a basic breakfast of eggs, hash browns, sausage and an english muffin--coffee too! Of course! I LOVE breakfast and I have learned the value of getting up early, it feels so good! 

Have you ever gotten up early for a Group class and loved it? I hope some of my local readers can come to boot camp, send me an email to get on the information /email list! 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Revisiting the vision!

Happy Friday all! 

I have some fantastic news. Most everyone knows that I made a career change this year, I went from office receptionist to fitness professional. If you need to catch up, you can check out my announcement: Leap of Faith. Otherwise you can search for leap of faith within my blog and read everything in the series like this one on my certification and this one on showing up and putting in my time where I felt led to be!  

ANYWAY, things have been going great, I am working 3ish part-time jobs, have an active life, always changing and a lot of my mid-day's free. Well...things are still a little tight, although trainers may make good money eventually, I am just starting out. In all honesty as well, I have a bill that I put on hold to take this leap and in September I have to take that on again. So, in light of that: tight.  

But if there is ONE BIG lesson (and there are many medium ones) that I have learned from this, it's that God is my provider and my source. No matter what my checking account says, no matter how I feel, what my hourly rate is, how many clients I have etc... God is still on his throne. He is the same yesterday, today, forever and the cool thing is that if he never changes then he will forever be my source. He won't run dry and as his child that he ransomed at a great cost, he will take care of me. 

That doesn't mean that I don't have to work. 
It doesn't mean things won't be hard. 
It doesn't mean that If I have to move home (an option I didn't cross off), sell some stuff or take on 3+ jobs that he isn't there still working in my life. 
It doesn't mean making my life easy, it means making it joyful. 
It doesn't mean that I will get everything I want, it means he will meet my needs. 
It may not look like I want it too, but my needs will be met. 

But in learning all this and really, really, REALLY having to believe it. By stepping out like I did, when I did, it was my only option. It was: learn what it means to really live by faith or flounder. So, I learned to ask God, not for things I needed or wanted, but asked God to SHOW me what he wanted. I would do that. I will go there, I will take that path. 

I learned to ask
I learned to listen and then... I had to learn to obey. 
It has created a beautiful little path. 

Here's the kicker. I pulled out the vision board I made in January and it turns out that the path I have been walking on, obediently when I hear God's voice leading me...was indeed the path I wanted to be on. Because the bible does say that he will meet our needs, but that he also wants to give us the desires of our hearts. 

from the original post which is HERE

Living Fearless
God as my source
Creating a home
Having direction
Overcoming obstacles
Living Large and
Creating space in my life for what is supposed to be!

In the bottom right hand corner of the board you can see "work at home" and "I write my own job description." I forgot that I had a desire to work from home as extensively as I do.  I write and will be doing more in the near future, working from home compliments that. Being a trainer where I write my own job description compliments that. So you are thinking--What are you TALKING about? Trust. That my needs will be met, that God's love for me is big enough that he will give me things I desire as well.  

The news: 
God came through for me this past week with an amazing opportunity, one that had crossed my mind as an option months ago to ease my income and this week became a reality. A JOB 10-20 hours a week, from HOME and the compensation is more than I ever expected. This opportunity came when I would have normally been searching for help from other avenues, but I waited, to see what God would do. There was no fear in waiting, there was no panic that August 1st would come and go with no help, there was no doubt that one way or another my needs would be met. But this time he showed up the way that the mountains show up against the purple sky's of dawn: MAJESTIC and larger than life.  I will be able to excel at and focus on my personal training job at the gym and  the 1:1 business I started last month with the rest of the 20-30 hours a week I will have. 

All of this and looking back I can see that my desires and his path led to the same ending point, but getting there with peace and trust is SO much better than my way. : ) 

What have you trusted God for that he has shown up and provided? Have you ever had something provided in just the NICK of time?? 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lessons from Swimming: Lesson #3

This week has been good but VERY busy! Are you sick of me starting my blog posts with that? I can't wait to be on a better blogging schedule, I have had so many great things happen lately and am TOO busy to share! BOO!

This week was my third official swim lesson! And I have learned a lot and improved a lot! Lesson #1 Better late than never. I was 15 min late to a 40 min lesson and went anyway! There is always time to learn and time to improve!

Lesson #2: Your head is your anchor. I am gaining body awareness in the water as I swim and I learned that if I push my face/ head deliberately down, my back end comes up and it is easier to swim! Before, I felt like I was DRAGGING my body along.

That's just like LIFE!! If we use our head as our anchor, think positive thoughts, encourage ourselves, stay focused on those things that are good and right and pure then we won't just DRAG our bodies through life, our head will help us and we will be more successful! We can move with purpose, just like in the pool!

Lesson #3: PRACTICE, practice, practice! Even if it was only 25 min in the pool, I could still feel that there were little things that were improving. Putting in the time and paying my dues in the pool is paying off!

A little food love over here! Greek God's Strawberry Honey yogurt is Ah-May-zing. I love Greek Gods and only use about 2 table spoons at a time since it is not a low fat product! That is all you need though, it is so rich and good! 

With Banana, currents and nuts!

What have you practiced and improved at that you are proud of?? I am going camping this weekend and am SO excited to do an open water swim! Full report next week!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More than mid-year check in!

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! My midweek always FLY's by, do you have a busy mid week? Holy Guacamole! Well, so far my week has been amazing, I have a TON of wonderful things to share and I will, tomorrow, today I wanted to revisit a few of my goals that I set WAY back in December...

My life took such a huge turn in the first three months of the year, that some of the BIG things I accomplished aren't anywhere near this list!
My big Three:

1) Learn to swim better in preparation for my August triathlon - YAY, totally doing it!! I am on my third week of swimming lessons and am making progress!
2) Run 900 miles in 2010 - OUCH, my running miles have taken a hit the first half of the year, but I am sure that will turn around in August when I officially begin my Honolulu Marathon Training!
3) Learn a language in 2010- I still have some time, but this may be a close one.

There is a lot to be said about taking aim and THEN firing away, I think I am doing ok with my 3 big goals considering the career change and lifestyle change I embarked on. It wasn't like the new career was a Major surpise, but the timing of it was a bit. 

But I had other, smaller goals as well:

1) Learn to cook better - I took 2 cooking courses from my local co-op but haven't put too  much to practice!
2) Increase my daily quiet time, and have a special time in the mornings for it. -Total score, I increased my quiet time, my worship and my church going. It's been vital in my last few months and had such an impact. The mornings? Working on it. :)
3) Take at least 2 trips in 2010. Destinations pending. :) - Destination BOLD, Hawaii in December. Trip 2 is unknown.
4) To continue to eat healthy, small meals and snacks throughout the day (5-6) -As always, I could do better with my diet. My career change has made me much busier, and that has made me slack on the best foods for me. Blog post forthcoming.
5) To SIGNIFICANTLY decrease my material possessions and any further accumulation.-I haven't been doping too bad! I have got some things and have let some things go. Most new items gained have been workout clothes!
 6) Get back to weight lifting at least 2-3 times per week. (I used to do this and it contributed greatly to my being in the best shape yet!) - Thanks to group fitness I am doing this, but still need to work more on my own personal routine weekly!
7) To take a seed I planted and see it harvested! There are 3 significant personal dreams that I have that I can not go into in great detail on the blog, I really wish that I could and sometime soon, I will be able to share it all with you. For now. I have seed #1 germinating and then the other 2 parts can be tackled. I guess the "resolution" for this one is for me to find the courage and determination I need and know I have inside me to bring this to fruition.  - Seed #1 personal training cert and job! Seed #2 my OWN 1:1 personal training venture, both of which happened and seed #3 is still in the works!

8) To cross more off. Specifically more off my fitness bucket list. - Not too bad, it's a journey!
9) To complete two craft projects that I have laying around and to MAKE time in my busy life to be creative and nurturing to self! (knitting, reading, baking etc...) - Total fail, I am glad if I get my dishes done! :)

I am happy with where my goals are and how they are shaping up so far for 2010!
I recently had a goal setting lunch with a close friend and have begun to outline specific goals in a number of key areas that I will be tackling and refining monthly, I can't wait to share with you!

HOW are your 2010 Goals looking? Do you plan monthly goals?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Running safety!

Running. Oh yeah, that's in a Triathlon too. 

I am SO busy and with all I am doing--swimming, bike commuting and group fitness, running has suffered! BUT this past weekend I was able to get out there and go for a quick hard 3.5 miles. Not very much, but I did it and found a great reminder and posted it on facebook that EVERYONE is busy and it's not an excuse. 

So I got out and ran and LOVED it and it didn't make my day overwhelming and nothing else suffered and I still got all my work done. Plus I had sometime to goof off and take some fun, sweaty pics afterwards! 

I can't wait to get my miles back up and I am determined to get my running done during the week even if I have to do it in the middle of the night! 

Running alone? Running at weird hours? Make sure you are safe! 

1) Wear your ID!! I love my Road ID, make sure that you wear your Road ID or you have your ID on your person!   

2) Wear light colored clothes, reflective gear or tape: even a few strips of reflective tape across your back will do. Either way make sure you can seen easily by traffic and others

 3) Avoid unpopulated or deserted area's. Run where there are street lights, where there are people and avoid trails or parts of town your not familiar with. 

4) Always be alert. Even if that means running sans Ipod, look around, be aware of others, aware of where you are, cars you are near and businesses or houses that are near. When you are alert others recognize that. 

Do you run alone, do you run late at night or early morning? Does your running ever suffer due to your schedule? 

Happy MONDAY!!! Here's to a beautiful, fit start to your week! 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Swimming Lesson #2 and a bike ride!

Week two of Triathlon Training swim lessons are done and they were great! I am more and more encouraged that I will be able to do alright at the TRI! I am just happy and excited to be able to actually do a race like The St. Paul Triathlon

Before my lesson, I had a half a Chocolate Coconut Larabar! I LOVE Larabar's--they are raw and all natural and they are the cheapest "energy bar" at the store! All natural and no chemicals and they are the cheapest, PLUS a great source for our athletic needs! 



Not my bike Murray, I hit up a stationary bike at the gym so I could swim and bike back to back for 38 min and not have to bike through 3 miles of traffic and stoplights first. Plus it gave me some time to read: 

Have you read this book? It's all about the nature of people and how to really touch other lives and connect with people on a genuine level. It's not overly self-helpish--it's a great read so far, check it out! 

Bike face! I am using to biking all over and I may ride between 5-12 miles a day as I commute, but I rarely ride more than 5 miles at one time! 38 min on the bike was buckling down and I had to move my resistance up and down a number of times! 

I went 38 minutes which came out to be 9.9 miles. A little slow, but I don't normally use the stationary bike--I think I was phoning it in a bit! Either way, I put in my time, so all is well with me! I ended my night with a trip to target before I biked home (oh the irony!! It's only a mile!) 

I got some chocolate milk! A perfect mix of carbs/protein for after a workout! And I was taunted by the sweet hipster duds at Target! I SO badly wanted this cute bike shirt...but alas, don't need it, I have a yellow bike shirt that I made myself! Still... 

Do you phone it in at the gym, not work your hardest on a machine when you would work harder outside?? 

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