Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More than mid-year check in!

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! My midweek always FLY's by, do you have a busy mid week? Holy Guacamole! Well, so far my week has been amazing, I have a TON of wonderful things to share and I will, tomorrow, today I wanted to revisit a few of my goals that I set WAY back in December...

My life took such a huge turn in the first three months of the year, that some of the BIG things I accomplished aren't anywhere near this list!
My big Three:

1) Learn to swim better in preparation for my August triathlon - YAY, totally doing it!! I am on my third week of swimming lessons and am making progress!
2) Run 900 miles in 2010 - OUCH, my running miles have taken a hit the first half of the year, but I am sure that will turn around in August when I officially begin my Honolulu Marathon Training!
3) Learn a language in 2010- I still have some time, but this may be a close one.

There is a lot to be said about taking aim and THEN firing away, I think I am doing ok with my 3 big goals considering the career change and lifestyle change I embarked on. It wasn't like the new career was a Major surpise, but the timing of it was a bit. 

But I had other, smaller goals as well:

1) Learn to cook better - I took 2 cooking courses from my local co-op but haven't put too  much to practice!
2) Increase my daily quiet time, and have a special time in the mornings for it. -Total score, I increased my quiet time, my worship and my church going. It's been vital in my last few months and had such an impact. The mornings? Working on it. :)
3) Take at least 2 trips in 2010. Destinations pending. :) - Destination BOLD, Hawaii in December. Trip 2 is unknown.
4) To continue to eat healthy, small meals and snacks throughout the day (5-6) -As always, I could do better with my diet. My career change has made me much busier, and that has made me slack on the best foods for me. Blog post forthcoming.
5) To SIGNIFICANTLY decrease my material possessions and any further accumulation.-I haven't been doping too bad! I have got some things and have let some things go. Most new items gained have been workout clothes!
 6) Get back to weight lifting at least 2-3 times per week. (I used to do this and it contributed greatly to my being in the best shape yet!) - Thanks to group fitness I am doing this, but still need to work more on my own personal routine weekly!
7) To take a seed I planted and see it harvested! There are 3 significant personal dreams that I have that I can not go into in great detail on the blog, I really wish that I could and sometime soon, I will be able to share it all with you. For now. I have seed #1 germinating and then the other 2 parts can be tackled. I guess the "resolution" for this one is for me to find the courage and determination I need and know I have inside me to bring this to fruition.  - Seed #1 personal training cert and job! Seed #2 my OWN 1:1 personal training venture, both of which happened and seed #3 is still in the works!

8) To cross more off. Specifically more off my fitness bucket list. - Not too bad, it's a journey!
9) To complete two craft projects that I have laying around and to MAKE time in my busy life to be creative and nurturing to self! (knitting, reading, baking etc...) - Total fail, I am glad if I get my dishes done! :)

I am happy with where my goals are and how they are shaping up so far for 2010!
I recently had a goal setting lunch with a close friend and have begun to outline specific goals in a number of key areas that I will be tackling and refining monthly, I can't wait to share with you!

HOW are your 2010 Goals looking? Do you plan monthly goals?


Molly said...

I just want to lose another 30 pounds and become more muscular.

fitfunandfabulous said...

Wow! Impressive check-in. I just do monthly goals (as of last month - ha!) but I really like how it keeps me in check.

I just decided I needed to start tracking my food intake again now that I've gained some weight and wasn't even at my weight loss goals before the gain. So, its time to buckle down and get where I want to go!

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