Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Obedience & seeing results!

Word up! I want to take a poll: cat people or dog people? Which are you guys?? 

Dogs have got the obedience gig DOWN, cat's...not so much. Have you ever seen a puppy who was not trained to be obedient? Who gets away with anything? They jump on people, they chew things, they bark, run rampant--no rules and no obedience really makes their life harder because they are constantly being scolded for being naughty dog's when no one took the time to teach them differently. We KNOW that if we teach them, it works. Obedient dogs are happier Dogs. We offer rewards and we see results! The same thing goes for people too. If we do what we should we will be happier. 

Think about the people who go to the gym and stand there, looking at all the machines, wondering what to do! They go to a few curls, they maybe sit on the bike for 30 min with a magazine etc. While all that time, there are people there with their personal trainers going through specific programs. Programs designed specifically for them that we know will work and that will make them happier people. They do the workout a few days on their own and soon, they see results. 

Well, I believe that there is a program specifically designed for us and our lives! There is a destiny and a calling that we are all supposed to be moving towards and don't we want to see results? I know I do! Just like when we work with a trainer because they know what they are doing, we can work with God and his "training" plan to find out what we should be doing and work on it to see the BEST results! 

Simple ways be obedient to God: 
* disclaimer: obedience is not mindless, boring or blind following, it's a challenge and an adventure. Want an adventure, some excitement? Want to see some results in problem area's? Want to take the guess work out? Want to go to the BEST in the business? Give these a shot... :) 

1) Jump in. Read a few verses of the bible everyday. Need to know where to start? Start in the gospel of Matthew. It's riveting and inspiring, plus it stars Jesus and he's the best character. Then go over to psalms and get all pumped up! 10 min is all it takes!   

2) Ask God to help you love him more. Ask God to show you what to do. Ask God to show up in your life. Ask him for obedience. If you ask, he will give. 

3) Get answers: Listen to him. Why is it when we pray we do all the talking and have none of the answers? Tell God what's up ask for his help/guidance etc. then listen. If you get to know him, you will get to know when he answers you, but you have to listen. 

4) Be active. When the bible says to love your neighbor, actively do it and love everyone around you the way God would. The grumpy boss, the weird mailman. You love them first and just watch how God shows up. Don't know what to do? Go back to step #1 and find out! 

When we train the way we are supposed to train, we will see the results we want to see. When we seek after something we WILL find it. We need to be seeking after the right things for the results we want. Don't just go through life standing in the gym looking around wondering what to do next! 

Jump in, ask a trainer, get some answers and be active!
See the results you want! 
I have been practicing these very simple steps and 1) my faith is SO much stronger than before and 2) I am seeing the results I wanted to, I know God has been showing up!


Shan said...

Thank you, Mary!

Megan said...

Thank you from me, too! I think I had mentioned before that at church we have been talking about praying and knowing that God is listening. I needed this reminder -- been a tough couple of weeks with a lot of doctor appointments. God is listening, though. I know it!

Julie said...

Fantastic Post!!

Joey said...

Beautiful post! I'm going to put these into action TODAY. :)

fitfunandfabulous said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing.

G said...

Whoa! This is so cool! I found your blog via another blog and I love it - but what's really cool is that I was debating "obedience" with myself (as in "should I get a PT" or not). Your post confirms that I do want to go to my appointment to get a PT at my gym. Guidance is exactly what I need right now - thanks for making me realizing that.

And a question for you (just read some previous posts): how did you succeed ditching the smokes for good? I am quitting right now (definitely not an ex-smoker yet - still thinking plenty about it) and I'm looking for some inspiration. I might email you about that one ;)

Anyway, thanks again!

The Curvy Life said...

Mary- you rock! I love your spirit! Thank you for being you!


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