Monday, July 26, 2010

Rainy Day workout #3

Happy Monday! Here is hoping everyone had a great weekend and saw my post about BOOT Camp! Remember to email me if your interested, we are starting the first Sunday in August! 

This summer has been unusually stormy here in it where you are?  Man! I am blessed that I have only been caught in the rain on my bike twice! 

SO, in honor of the rainiest, stormiest summer EVAH...a rainy day workout #3!!

Warm up: Running in place with high knees 1 min
running in place with Butt flicks 1 min
30 jumping jacks
10 burpees with pushup

Tricep dips: 15 x 2 sets
Boxing: Right side jabs 15
left side jabs 15

Running in place or jump roping: 3 min fast

arm circles small to large 2 min
Walking pushups: 4 left, 4 middle 4 right

Good luck and enjoy, SOON, I will be posting an update on my first attempt at an open water swim! Triathlon- less than 4 weeks away! 

1 comment:

Paula Rodriguez said...

Your workout (lifting) is pretty impressive. I've just started to play with weights but not sure of what I'm doing.


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