Monday, July 19, 2010

Running safety!

Running. Oh yeah, that's in a Triathlon too. 

I am SO busy and with all I am doing--swimming, bike commuting and group fitness, running has suffered! BUT this past weekend I was able to get out there and go for a quick hard 3.5 miles. Not very much, but I did it and found a great reminder and posted it on facebook that EVERYONE is busy and it's not an excuse. 

So I got out and ran and LOVED it and it didn't make my day overwhelming and nothing else suffered and I still got all my work done. Plus I had sometime to goof off and take some fun, sweaty pics afterwards! 

I can't wait to get my miles back up and I am determined to get my running done during the week even if I have to do it in the middle of the night! 

Running alone? Running at weird hours? Make sure you are safe! 

1) Wear your ID!! I love my Road ID, make sure that you wear your Road ID or you have your ID on your person!   

2) Wear light colored clothes, reflective gear or tape: even a few strips of reflective tape across your back will do. Either way make sure you can seen easily by traffic and others

 3) Avoid unpopulated or deserted area's. Run where there are street lights, where there are people and avoid trails or parts of town your not familiar with. 

4) Always be alert. Even if that means running sans Ipod, look around, be aware of others, aware of where you are, cars you are near and businesses or houses that are near. When you are alert others recognize that. 

Do you run alone, do you run late at night or early morning? Does your running ever suffer due to your schedule? 

Happy MONDAY!!! Here's to a beautiful, fit start to your week! 


Middle Name Marie said...

My schedule is open now, but in a few weeks, I will be BUSY!!! BC I will work early, I will have to run nights. It is much harder for me to find motivation at night. I will need to post the ad from your post somewhere to remind that everyone is busy!

teacherwoman said...

Way to get that run in there girl! I don't run alone when it's dark... in fact, I don't run when it's dark ... PERIOD. it's just not worth the risk!

Mon said...

Oh I want a poster of that Nike ad for my desk at work! I love Nike ads!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

your schedule sounds exactly like what i posted about yesterday, fitting it all in!!!

Running safety is so important, I do run with music but I make eye contact with drivers and I'm very aware of what's going on

Alma F. said...

greetings from Seattle! Just found your blog and as someone who contemplates a major career change about every 3 yrs (but I chicken out), I'm curious to see how your journey has gone.
as for your question - it's dark most of the time here in the winter so you pretty much have no choice but to run in the dark. i had a run-in with a car one early morning that made me extra cautious. i never go out without a headlamp over my hat and something reflective - jacket, vest, other. I sometimes wear reflective bands that velcro around my ankles or arms.
I do like running in the dark though because it makes me feel like I'm going much faster than I really am. ??

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