Sunday, August 15, 2010

Being fit everyday and a little art!

Happy Sunday! Yep, a weekend blog post, I know, I know, I am overcompensating now! 
I spent part of the weekend with my Mom for her birthday. I took the train to the airport and a shuttle bus the rest of the way. It's only an hour and 20 minutes to her house and the shuttle dropped me off across the street from her office! 

I spent much of my time on the train, reading entries from a little daily devotional called "Starting your Day Right." It was VERY encouraging focusing on God's GREAT love for us & keeping our attitudes positive. One of the best ones I read that day was titled: God Works While you Rest. It was about remembering to enjoy our lives and to be assured that GOD is at work in our lives and when he starts a good thing in your life, he will finish it!  

Since I was sitting on the train and the shuttle for quite a while, I made sure to use the stairs at the airport--these were a doozy! It took just as long as the people riding the escalator next to me and I got a nice burn in my legs. 

It's one of those little tips and tricks you always hear about integrating fitness into your daily rountine: 

Take the stairs
Park farther away on purpose and walk
Clean with fervor - lunge and vacuum
Carry your own groceries-do a few curls with cans!
Make your trip to work, store, library a walking trip 3 times a week.... 

There were some Alexander Calder prints in Mom's work place and they were fantastic! I love Calder. There were also a number of Dale Chihuly glass pieces as well.

The installation in the lobby

Right after I arrived, we went out for an impromptu steak dinner! Someone on the shuttle told me that a certain supper club in town offered a birthday special, so we dug in my suitcase for something other than my workout clothes and Mom's work uniform and enjoyed life medium rare! 

OK, well I did it! I had a 40 cent Mountain Dew from the same pop machine I used all through out high school! It was ....

Not quite like I remembered! 

In High school I drank A LOT of Mountain Dew, so much that my dentist told me to lay off.  
1 can: 170 Calories
46 Grams Sugar


With the first sip, I remembered why I kicked the habit. It used to be that I couldn't have just one, so I did this in part to know I could have one and walk away! 

My time home was short, but very fun! It's always good to be around Mom, she helps build me up and encourage me. It's a great reminder of what is really important in life and to, of course, enjoy our lives and our days. That seems to be the lesson of the week! I am off to try some HOT yoga for the first time!! 

What little thing do you do to up your fitness like take stairs or walk to the store? 


Heidi & Misty said...

my mother watched joyce myers every morning and loved her !

she is awesome

Lisa said...

I park at the far end of the lot at work so that I can get in more walking. I also take the stairs instead of the elevator. Every little bit helps!

Dr. TriRunner said...

OK so this Joyce Meyer lady... I had never even HEARD of her, until one of my teammates said she saw her speak. And so I looked her up and it turns out she has some podcasts on iTunes. I downloaded the one on *CHANGE* and wow... it was pretty powerful!

I do a lot of the same "little" things as you - walk to the grocery store (when I don't have too big of a trip), bike to work, bike to school, take the stairs. It also doesn't hurt that as a waitress, you're on your feet walking around all day. Hmmm sounds kinda like the life of a trainer! ;)

Hope you liked the yoga class. I have a REALLY rough time getting into yoga, but the hot variety, that is something I can maybe do. The cleansing feeling of sweating all that out is just pure GOODNESS.

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