Sunday, August 1, 2010

Birthday brunch with Cindy

Last week I had the JOY of meeting up with Cindy from Healthy Heart Journey for a birthday brunch celebration! We went to Common Roots Cafe, a favorite!!  Here is the birthday girl with her Lemon ricotta pancakes with raspberries!

I had the mushroom and chevre omelette served with smokey tomato compote and greens! We all had something different and passed our plates to try, it was SO good and such good company! 

I met the beautiful and talented Erica Mayer  and her sweet camera! 

Jen, Cindy and Erica rocking the organic eats, outdoor patio and sunshine! I love Minnesota in the summer! I felt like I was playing hooky! 

These ladies are some pretty confident and talented gals! They are professionals, they are passionate and they are real. I love it! 

I am more confident at this season in my life than I have been in a long time, but there are bouts with insecurity and there are days when I feel less than. I find that when I stretch myself too thin and am not really giving 100 to the things I should be, I feel less confident. When I stretch myself SO thin that I am giving 60-70% to a TON of things, I lack confidence. I have less time to learn, prepare, be thorough, I have more on my mind so I forget details, am more scattered and don't have time to BE and enjoy.   

I think lately I have been stretching myself SO thin, that I am experiencing almost all of the things I mentioned above. I have a very busy week ahead of me, but after that am vowing to chuck some stuff off my plate, take a breather, maybe even a few days off. No work, no working, teaching, subbing, planning, researching, writing etc. 

Get some work done around my house. 
Do those things that help me re-center.
Cook good food. 
Go to bed early. 
READ for fun. 

It's really interesting, now that I am "in charge" of my schedule, I am taking on so much, all great wonderful opportunities, but I need to be more careful with my time. I can't forget to follow God's prompting, to listen for his voice and go where HE wants. I don't want to be busy, just to be busy, I want to be busy about the things he has called me to do. 

When it's all said and done, so much of what we stress out about, the demands on our lives, our schedules, are self imposed. So when we free up our schedule, we may find, they didn't matter all that much to begin with.  

Regaining that confidence in my calling and in my path, in myself, is well worth a few days away from my self imposed grind for sure. I know that when the dust clears and the planner shows a wee bit more white, I can be confident in all that I do and know that when God starts a good thing in your life, he will see it through until it's complete! 

When you're too busy, do you feel your confidence drop? How do you let go of the unnecessary commitments in your life? 


The Curvy Life said...

Hey girlie! Slowing down can be a good thing... I always need time to slow down... work makes me crazy so I tend to take as much of my own time I can on the weekends...

I know it's hard- but you are figuring all this out sooner rather than later- and that is a great thing!


Cindy said...

I always used to say yes yes yes to everything. I kind of still do, but always allow myself to do things that are relaxing for myself. Such as boot camp - that is my me time. Or going out with friends - something not work related. There has to be a balance between the two. It's important to do things for yourself outside of work, too. Remember that.

Also! Thanks for coming to my birthday brunch. I just loooooove the bracelet you gave me. You are awesome and we need to catch up soon. I miss you.


Miz said...

Interesting post.
for me the confidence doesnt drop but everything else from my patience to my "quality" does.

it took me almost 40 years but I FINALLY dont spread myself thin.

as thin as I used to anyway :)

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