Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bondi Band Winners!

Wednesday was a GREAT Day! I did SO much!  First: THE FRUIT! I have had a lot of people ask me about the healthy fats and protein etc in the morning and while I am a HUGE fan of that, I am trying to reset some habits by doing the Fruit first. I have heard a lot about our bodies being in elimination mode till noon and how it's the best thing to have fruit during that time and on an empty stomach. All that is good and fine, but for me, I am just doing a control alt delete on junky breakfasts and it's working! 

Cantaloup, banana, peaches, a little coconut milk and chia on the rooftop deck--EPIC breakfast! I read a little Bible, had my fruit and thought about enjoying my day! 

I went and helped a co-worker of mine with his boot camp and came back with a ton of great idea's!  He is so willing to help and it was a beautiful day, definitely my idea of going to "work." I will blog more about boot camps when MY girls are through with their first session, last one is this Sunday, then we have a one week break and are back at it! 

THEN, I had Jewel over!! We had Pizza, watched a movie, chatted it up and painted our nails. It was fun and SO good to see her. She reminded me that in October she will have her drivers permit. Just warning ya'll. 

Bondi Band Winners! 

Thanks to everyone who entered, I enjoyed reading all your comments about what you would use them for! 

The winners are: 

#30: CASSIE who said "I would use the Bondi Band on my training runs, as well as keeping my hair manageable underneath a riding helmet when I am horseback riding."


#35 FOOD COMA who said: "I would wear them while biking because I am still at the point where I need to keep my hands on the handlebars not fidgeting with my hair!" 

Congrats and thanks again for all of your comments and your loyalty in reading, it means more than you can know! Winners: send me an email with your contact info and I will get the goods mailed out to you! 


teacherwoman said...

Congrats to the winners!

Missy said...

Are you opening up the next session of boot camp for new people? Depending on time and location my roommie and I may be interested!

Cassie said...

Whoo Hooo! Thank you!

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