Monday, August 23, 2010

Fruit First week

Happy Monday! It was a great and busy day even though my ankle is still a bum ankle! I went for a "test run" when I checked out the bondi band and it was a no go, the ankle is still sore. I will probably have to see a Chiropractor again, and am aiming for a sports medicine Chiro in my hood. I am getting antsy, I have Marathon training to be catching up with! 
I iced with a cold pack and dreamt of running! 

It is SO good for us to have fruit first thing in the morning! 
YOU KNOW I struggle with bad breakfasts and last week was a breakfast fail, so this week, I decided to eat only fruit in the morning and until noon! SUCCESS! 

The Coffee is a reusable ceramic mug, I filled it when I got to work about 30 min after this meal! Banana, cantaloupe! It was light, delicious and I wasn't starving.  I also had an apple before noon... 

I think the first place I read about fruit only in the morning was a book called Skinny *itch. I didn't really like the book, but there were a few things I took away from it.  Other people work at combining foods, others don't worry about it at all. 

What do you think? Fruit alone and first? Combined ? or it all goes in the same place anyway??  Do tell. 

When I came into work, I had a package from an old friend with some very cool cleanser and moisturizer in it!  I am notorious for going cheap on my face products and she suggested I try these! Have you heard of this brand? 

I also got some shampoo and conditioner--what a great day to start off with a gift! 
Thanks Monday! (Thanks Carys! :))


Jessica said...

I always do fruit in the morning + a little more. But ALWAYS fruit!

Hope the ankle feels much better soon!

Laura said...

Where's the protein & healthy fat? It's all about balance! Good luck!

teacherwoman said...

Since I like to workout in the morning, I also like to incorporate some protein and healthy fats. I usually eat a bowl of oatmeal mixed with chopped pecans and almonds, and then a side of fruit. My nutritionist wants me to eat fruit/veggies for all my snacks and with my lunch... that way, by the time supper rolls around, I will have met my fruit/veggie quota most likely!

Cupboard Love said...

I'm all about protein in the morning - I always try to do some kind of omelet and then I snack on fruit.

Ryan Hughes said...

I've read that it takes your body about 2 hours after you wake up to be able to fully digest anything. Fruits are the easiest foods for your body to digest, hence the best thing in the morning, in my opinion.

Great post Mary, here's to a great week of fruits first!!!

Cheryl S. said...

I tried the fruit only thing in the morning because I heard that when we combine it with anything else, the fruit sits in our intestinal track and rots. Ewww! But, my stomach couldn't tolerate JUST fruit, too acidic.

I've also heard that eating the fruit first prevents the rotting thing. I have to have protein in the morning or the whole day is a wash, so if fruit is on the menu, I eat it first, then dig into the omelet. :)

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