Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hot Yoga--check it and see!

HOT YOGA, Check it and see, 
I did some stretching, it was sweaty and FREE! 
(Name that 80's tune!)

Life Power Yoga, Pilates and Spa has opened it's doors in Uptown Minneapolis! 
It took the space of the old Minneapolis Public Library, a beautiful building right in the heart of Uptown Minneapolis! They didn't change the outside and kept much of the charm inside (no pics allowed!) 

I did a class called Warrior Heat! It is a combination of these two! 

Warrior Fusion

Energized fusion of easy-to-follow rhythmic movement, yoga and strength designed to increase stability, strength, flexibility and movement.

Hot Yoga

A series of challenging poses requiring intense mental focus, awareness of movement, balance, strength and flexibility, performed in a heated room.

It was not as hot as I was anticipating, but didn't know what to expect either. The space was gorgeous, I posted a video from the news below with a tour of the space! There were candles and a fireplace and it was very tranquil. The poses weren't advanced, but some of the balancing poses caused a few concerns for me and my still slightly bum ankle. 

Overall I enjoyed the experience. I will try hot yoga again, I would go back for another session at life power as well, they were attentive and professional and their pilaties studio made me droool. :) 

Here is a video of the space: 

I did snap a photo of sweaty fit this Mary after the yoga session, you can see how nice the bathrooms are! They are bigger than my kitchen! The drop in classes are $17.00, a little spendy, but you join, your first week is free! You can go if you are an LTF Onyx member, included with that membership! 

Later that day I was so blessed at work, a member gave me two bottles of oxygen rich Perfect Water! It was really good. It is oxygen rich, alkaline PH balanced and contains some trace minerals and electrolytes. It was what I needed after hot yoga and with a 5 hour shift in front of me! 

Do you have a beverage that gets you back to balance after a tough workout or a hot day? Have you tried hot yoga?


Megan said...

Hot blooded, check it and see (Foreigner)!!! You're so funny... my husband and I use that song all the time and change words to get the girls to do things around the house. Teeth brushin', check it and see! :)

Haven't tried hot yoga but sounds interesting. You are a superstar, doing that and then going on to work!

G said...

You look great, girl! My favorite drink supplement for hot yoga is Ultima (Electrolyte) Replenisher. It's sugar-free, super low in calories, and loaded in electrolytes.

Mellissa said...

I tried the Yoga Wall Class on Sunday and it was awesome. I can't wait to take more classes!

Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) said...

Awesome Abs!!!

teacherwoman said...

I have done Bikram Yoga before with my sister in Chanhassen. LOVE it. I Can't wait to go back again. We don't have anything like that here.

You are smokin' girl! You look great!

I have come to love the "Membership" drink ato Cold Fusion here. I know they have this place in Hopkins... but can't think of what it's call. You start with a shot of aloe, then a cold or hot tea, and then a smoothie. YUM!

Alexa said...

Do you know if you can go to this special studio if you are a regular lifetime fitness member??

Mary said...

Hey Alexa! It's only included in the Onyx memberships! Other memberships have to pay, it may be 60-80 extra or 17.00 drop in fee's per class. (gulp)

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