Monday, August 9, 2010

In the News!

I know that you know, but Jen, Prior Fat Girl was in Shape Magazine! She lost an amazing, inspirational amount of weight and lost it her way! LOVE her. 

This weekend while on a nice HOT run, I pulled over and picked up a copy of the September issue of Glamour magazine! 

Turned to page 116 and saw..... 
My operation beautiful note that is in Catlin's newly released Operation Beautiful book! 

"Don't be a copy of someone else, be an original of yourself!" Left on a photo copier because, well, I spent a lot of time in a copy room as an administrative assistant! 

Thanks for all the comments yesterday about my Mom's advice of enjoying life. I was reminding myself again TODAY, to enjoy the day. Some days it takes work, but it pays off. 

Do you ever feel like you are chasing after what everyone else is doing, what everyone else wants YOU to do and still feel two steps behind? I do. I find myself comparing my fitness, my blogging, my LIFE to everyone else around me and "feel" like I am falling short. We've got to STOP the comparison and negative self talk--you ARE an original and there is no one else like you!  

my sweet weekend run: I don't run as much as I want to or as much as some, 
but I am the only one who runs like I do!

Some days I read back through my blog and I think, wow what a fun day or what a cool life, but many times I don't see the forrest for the tree's and I go through day after day, wanting to follow my big dreams and taking little steps toward them, but not really feeling like I am doing anything amazing. 

But amazing is different for everyone! My amazing will be different from your's, different from Jen, Prior Fat Girl. What I love most about life is when we want to change something about it, we can.  Set the bar high and reach for it and as we reach for it daily, stop, take a moment and enjoy the moments in your days and the days in your weeks.  

When I think about how I want my life to "be" I create a plan to get there, take a few little steps everyday! For instance, I want to do better on getting dirty dishes done, so I am learning to unload the washer after they are clean, so it is ready to load the dirty ones. I want to cut down on clutter, so I instigated that No Buying Rule in the first of the year. Go after the life you want, MAKE a change, even a small one, it will move you forward. 

Remember: Action precedes motivation! 

How do YOU remind your self you are special and enjoy your days, even if they aren't perfect?


Megan said...

I just look at my kids. They always make me feel special (even with pockets full of mulch, spilled juice, big messes, etc...) because they have lots of hugs and kisses for me. :)

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

wohoo you had such a great quote you made the magazine!!! :) so wonderful to see the positive vibes being spread all over

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