Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lessons from Swimming: Form

Ok, so my swimming form has gotten better, thanks to a few key things that my instructor told me that clicked and worked! 

1) Draw your thumb up your side to your arm pit before bringing it forward into your stroke. 

2) Keep your wrist below your elbow! (same pic above) Even when pulling your hand out of the water, your wrist should not come higher than your elbow or you are using too much energy. I look like a windmill as I swim, I was doing this: 

BAD form above, wasting energy

3) When you turn to breathe, rotate your hips as you turn your head ( I usually LIFT my head which causes my legs to sink. ) Pressing your head down and forward and simply turning it and rotating your hips open creates a full body movement that keeps you horizontal.  

I also tried a nose plug which for me worked wonders, I believe that much of my fear and hesitancy even in the water, was because I was getting water in my nose! I couldn't get the "breathe through your mouth" without using my nose. 

With this little plug, I use my mouth and don't think about my nose!! I was able to swim for longer and with less problems!  I am by no means a real swimmer, but could see myself getting into it more and more. 

After my night in the pool, I hopped on the bike and rode for 37 minutes! I tried to do the "transition" as fast as possible, but that included packing up my stuff since I was at the gym pool, this week I am going to work out real transitions!  

57 total minutes of swimming and biking! 

Swimming in a pool is getting better, my form is improving, my fear of "that" water is gone and I am actually starting to enjoy it a little bit more. I have some exciting bike/swim news to share later this week and have a post coming soon about how I really feel about this Triathlon stuff. 

Do you do triathlon's? Do you LOVE them? I have a feeling mine will be like skydiving. I'll do it this time since I signed up, but maybe never again! 


Megan said...

You are so brave! My concerns with swimming are much the same as yours, so I don't know if I'd ever have the guts for a tri.

Love the skydiving picture. I did it once, too, and once was totally enough for me. :)

Julie said...

No way!!

- You'll become addicted to triathlons!! They are so much fun and the best people do them!!

I love the skydiving picture - it's definitely on my life list!

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